The Wrestling Handbook

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The Wrestling Handbook
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AuthorErcon Burntface

This guide to Dwarven wrestling is penned by Thornheim resident Ercon Burntface. In this work, seven wrestling moves are explained in details.

Text[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Wrestling is full of dangerous and powerful moves that can injure anyone and everyone involved if done incorrectly. LUCKY for you, I, Ercon, am here to teach you the basics.

Punches, kicks and other such attacks are simple enough, lets get into the moves you really came here for!

1: The Clothes Line![edit | edit source]

A simple but impactful move, perfect for taking your opponent to the mat. Simply extend your arm out to the side and deck the halls with your opponent's face! Lots of variations exist, running, standing, drops and even landing a hit on an already downed opponent. The key is striking cross your opponent’s shoulders and collarbone with your forearm, bicep and front delt. Twist your hips and drive your bodyweight into your opponent to take them off their feet!

2: SpineBuster![edit | edit source]

The Spinebuster is a strong move to lay any foe you can lift flat on their back in the ring. Simply crouch in front of your opponent, facing each other, and grasp them around the thighs tightly, lift with your legs NOT your back.

Once you have them lifted then you can drive your shoulder into their torso and down while pulling back with your hands.

This will swing their body violently down towards the mat and slam them spine first into the mat. Hence the name. Note this is a different throw to a belly to belly throw.

3: Belly to Belly[edit | edit source]

The thrower and throwee stand belly to belly and the thrower wraps their arms around their opponent, locking hands behind their opponent’s back and squeezing tightly before explosively twisting and lifting to throw the unfortunate wrestler behind the thrower. If done correctly and with enough force then the throwee should turn almost horizontal in the air before slamming into the mat on their back.

If you are in a position where you can’t throw opponent then why not throw yourself off the turnbuckle?

4: A Cross Body[edit | edit source]

A high risk move, flashy and very impactful but easy to see coming, easy to avoid and prone to counters.

Climb the turnbuckle and leap at your opponent, turning your body in the air so that you are horizontal and your mid section collides with your opponent’s chest. Highly damaging to both wrestlers and a game changer in any match.

A cross body can be don’t to a prone or standing opponent but it is advisable to knock them senseless first to decrease their chances of dodging or countering.

5: Spear![edit | edit source]

Like the weapon it is named after a spear goes deep, penetrating damage can ruin the receiver day.

A wrestling ring of the Dwarven Wrestling League ("DWL") constructed in Julnoor Province

A forward leap, leading with the shoulder aimed right into the stomach of your opponent. Unless they are propped up by the turnbuckle then expect them to hit the mat hard. The Spear is a vicious move, but can be countered by a rising knee, jumped over, tripped or ducked. Careful of fast opponents close to the ring edge as they may dodge your spear and you’ll send yourself out of the iron circle headfirst and with a hard landing coming your way!

6: DDT[edit | edit source]

You don’t want to know what DDT stands for. My mentor simple described it as “The End” to anyone he didn’t want to traumatize. A DDT is any move where your opponent's skull is driven into the mat. Usually from a headlock.

Devastating and able to lay any wrestler out cold DDT’s are often used to set up for a pin or submission hold. Note: This volume will not cover submission holds.

7: Islander’s Whip[edit | edit source]

The Islander’s whip is a move used to slingshot your opponent to where you want them. Be that bouncing off the ropes, into the turnbuckle corner or even out of the ring entirely. This move consists of grabbing your opponent's opposite arm and pulling them towards you while rotating out of the way. This move can be countered by not letting go and just doing it straight back.

The Islander’s whip is often used to set up spears, clothes lines, shoulder smashes, spine busters and pretty much any move you can think of. A classic combo is to whip your opponent towards the ropes then run after them, as they turn to bounce off the ropes you employ a clothes line and they go straight over the top rope!

Bare in mind that a wily wrestler may use your own whip to set up their own move, running with it to hit you sooner than expected and landing their own clothes line or spear.

This concludes Volume 1! Stay safe and have fun Wrestling Maniacs!