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Focused around the production and writing of books, the Wordsmith profession can encompass many types of scholarly characters from poets and record-keepers, to independent researchers and cartographers.

Every character can mechanically make and write books, but the Wordsmith aims to take their craft to the next level


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Start Book Using Writing Tools and a plain book, you can create a book and quill without needing ink sacks. 2 SP Once
Bookworm Using a plain book and 4 wood planks, you can create a bookshelf. 2 SP Once
Bookbinding With a signed book, Writing tools, and 3 of a book material, you can re-bind it with the chosen materials. 3 SP Once
Scholar's Lifeblood With a water bottle and a piece of coal, you can create some ink sacks. 1 SP Once
Papermaker With a wooden log, you can create 8 sheets of paper 2 SP Once
Calligraphy With your writing tools, a signed book, and 3 ink sacks, you can re-write your book with calligraphy. 3 SP Once
Illumination With a signed book, writing tools, and 4 powdered metals of any kind, you may add decorations to your book. 3 SP Once
Writing Tools Using 6 ink sacks, and 6 feathers, you can create Writing Tools. 2 SP Once
Redaction Unsign a book to allow for corrections, or other things. 3 SP Once


The basic materials to craft books are leather, paper, ink and feathers. The Wordsmith has access to skills that make the production of books much easier, especially with Writing Tools.

Many Wordsmiths put together their own smaller libraries, or often work as a group in order to collate and maintain vast archives of works.

Wordsmiths will often need to obtain large amounts of materials to make books, until they create their own Writing Tools. Working closely with Dwarves of other Professions will usually help.

Those scholars who have unlocked their Bookbinding skill may find themselves wanting to stockpile various items with the aims of using them to create their own unique books.

An example of a book with the Calligraphy, Illumination and Bookbinding skills used on it.

Custom Crafting

The Wordsmith profession is quite unique in that the main focus of the profession - the writing of books - is completely customized anyway. With formatting and forethought, a Dwarf can create works of scholarly art that go down in history.

Further than this, however, a Wordsmith might be asked to create a particularly unique book; one that is currently out of the bounds of what is available mechanically. Similarly, other professions may wish for the Wordsmith's skill in scribing or engraving words onto other products.

Wordsmiths In-Game

Those who choose the Wordsmith profession are often those who plan on writing a large amount of books, or those that simply wish to be meticulous in their writing or chronicling.

Some may wish to write folk stories or fairy tales in their spare time, some may want to catalogue the world they now find themselves living in. Some may devote themselves to writing journals and diaries of the various goings-on within their Outpost, or may become fixated on specific specimens.

All professions that could be remotely classed as a 'scholarly' profession would come under the Wordsmith umbrella - bards, poets, chroniclers, researchers, map-makers, historians, archaeologists and more.

Wordsmiths can find themselves quite easily absorbed in writing books and tomes on their own or forming small scholarly groups with others, either to build libraries or perform more in-depth research on specific subjects.

If a Wordsmith has proven themselves to be able to write particularly well, or produce particularly nice books, they may with to offer their writing services out to the Dwarves of the Outpost.

Wordsmiths are also used as a 'blank' profession, for those who wish to perform a less mechanical role in the outpost, completing tasks and works not suited for a specific profession already created, examples include Architecture, Politics, Philosophy, and more.