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Focused around the production, writing and customisation of books, the Wordsmith profession can encompass many types of scholarly characters from poets and record-keepers, to independent researchers and cartographers.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Icon Name Description Total Levels Skill Point Cost Per Level Skill Point Scaling Cost Per Level Total Skill Points Required For Max Level
Bookbinding Wordsmiths can use many different materials and minerals to use as custom inks, bindings or covers for their books. These materials apply a custom lore tag to the description to denote the changes. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Bookworm Prolific scholars or archivists may often have to create many, many bookshelves to house their creations. The Bookworm skill allows for bookshelves to be created with less materials. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Calligraphy Using more ink, a wordsmith can apply a custom tag to their book, to denote it has been written with the utmost care. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Click Combos By pressing a three-button combination of the left and right mouse buttons; R-R-R, R-L-R, R-R-L, you can perform special attacks with any type of weapon. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Custom Crafting After a character has used a certain number of skill points, they will be given the option to unlock this skill. This will allow them to use a Custom Crafting 'token', in return for a custom-made item. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Illumination Using metal powders, a wordsmith can apply a custom lore tag to their book, denoting it has been illuminated to a high quality. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Level Up This skill gives the character an extra skill point, after a long cooldown. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Papermaker Wordsmiths have unlocked the ability to create paper out of woo 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Redaction Wordsmiths have the ability to un-sign books. Some use this to correct previous mistakes, others use it for more unsavoury means. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Scholars Lifeblood With coal and water, or gemstone dust with an ink sac, a wordsmith can create normal ink, or glowing ink, respectively. Higher levels in this skill will yield more ink. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP
Start Book Using their writing tools, wordsmiths can eliminate the need for feathers or ink to create new books. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Writing Tools Wordsmiths can create a set of writing tools, used for further skills. 2 3 SP 6 SP 6 SP

Tools And Equipment[edit | edit source]

Whilst the Wordsmith profession can encompass a variety of jobs and roles, the focal point of this class is the production, writing and customisation of books.

Materials for this; leather, paper, ink and feathers, are usually found in great abundance in any Wordsmith's abode.

Various items used for bookbinding may also be stockpiled by the Wordsmith in question. These can range from the hide of certain animals, to gemstone dust and other exotic materials.

Wordsmiths with prodigious or particularly prestigious collections of books may wish to put together their own libraries. Often times, they will work in conjunction with other Wordsmiths in order to collate and maintain vast archives of work, often for the greater good of a town or city.

An example of a book with the Calligraphy, Illumination and Bookbinding skills used on it.

Wordsmiths In-Game[edit | edit source]

Those who choose the Wordsmith profession are often those who plan on writing a large amount of books, or those that simply wish to be meticulous in their writing or chronicling.

Some may wish to write folk stories or fairy tales in their spare time, some may want to catalogue the world they now find themselves living in. Some may devote themselves to writing journals and diaries of the various goings-on within their Outpost, or may become fixated on specific specimens.

All professions that could be remotely classed as a 'scholarly' profession would come under the Wordsmith umbrella - bards, poets, chroniclers, researchers, map-makers, historians, archaeologists and more.

Wordsmiths can find themselves quite easily absorbed in writing books and tomes on their own or forming small scholarly groups with others, either to build libraries or perform more in-depth research on specific subjects.

If a Wordsmith has proven themselves to be able to write particularly well, or produce particularly nice books, they may with to offer their writing services out to the Dwarves of the Outpost.

Wordsmiths are also used as a 'blank' profession, for those who wish to perform a less mechanical role in the outpost, completing tasks and works not suited for a specific profession already created, examples include Architecture, Politics, Philosophy, and more.