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The Farmer can encompass many food-based professions: from butchers and cooks, farmers and foragers, to bartenders and brewers.

Whether from an outpost's wheat fields, vegetable gardens, herbal greenhouses, pastures or cellars, if it is consumed then chances are a Farmer produced it.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Forage Plants, fungi, berries, and crops can be found all over the world; from grass meadows and forests, to icy wastelands and sun-scorched deserts. Gather a range of plants depending on what block and biome you are standing in, or on. 3 SP Once
Cultivate With skill and care, crops can be grown much quicker than usual. Use this skill to grow a patch of crops immediately. Higher levels of this skill will allow different crops to be grown. 1 SP Four
Propagate With quiet dedication, a skilled Farmer can lovingly grow more of a crop. Use this skill to gain one more of the plant you are holding. 4 SP Once
Bountiful Harvest A successful harvest means a bumper crop. With this skill, you will receive an extra piece of wheat every time you harvest a wheat crop. 3 SP Once
Butcher Butchers must sometimes make meat and other food last longer. Use a sharp blade to chop up a larger piece of meat into finer cuts. 2 SP Once
Great Appetite Many gatherings and festivals often require huge amounts of food and drink: Sometimes, the party-goers end up filling themselves far too quickly. Use this skill to induce a long-lasting hunger for every target in a large area. 3 SP Once


Farmers In-Game

A Farmer shines in any social gathering, able to induce mass hunger.

Use butchery skills to turn meat into more high-quality cuts.