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The Farmer can encompass many food-based professions: from butchers and cooks, farmers and foragers, to bartenders and brewers.

Whether from an outpost's wheat fields, vegetable gardens, herbal greenhouses, pastures or cellars, if it is consumed then chances are a Farmer produced it.


Skill Icon Name Description Total Levels Skill Point Cost Per Level Skill Point Scaling Cost Per Level Total Skill Points Required For Max Level
Bountiful Harvest With this skill, breaking wheat crops with a hoe ensures that you gain extra what. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Butcher Farmers can render down carcasses from wildlife into more numerous, smaller cuts of meat. The higher the level of the skill, the more meat you will receive. 3 1 SP 2 SP 9 SP
Click Combos By pressing a three-button combination of the left and right mouse buttons; R-R-R, R-L-R, R-R-L, you can perform special attacks with any type of weapon. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Cultivate This skill allows bonemeal to be used on planted crops, making them grow immediately. Higher levels in this skill will affect a larger radius of crops. 5 1 SP N/A 5 SP
Custom Crafting After a character has used a certain number of skill points, they will be given the option to unlock this skill. This will allow them to use a Custom Crafting 'token', in return for a custom-made item. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Forage There are hundreds of types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, herbs and other flora in the world. Use this skill to harvest unique drops, based on the block you are standing on, or in, and the biome you are in. 5 1 SP 2 SP 25 SP
Great Appetite This skill induces a great hunger in every target around you. Very useful for parties where you wish to consume lots of food. 1 3 SP N/A 3 SP
Level Up This skill gives the character an extra skill point, after a long cooldown. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Powder Anything found in the Forage skill can be turned into powders or pastes. These can then also be used to create potions, or alcohol, or have other uses. Other materials, like bones and metal ingots, may also work. 4 1 SP N/A 10 SP
Propogate Farmers, with the right set of tools, can duplicate any plant they wish. 1 4 SP N/A 4 SP

Tools And Equipment

Farmers will often need a variety of tools in order to work the land; hoes, axes and shovels are usually in abundant supply.

Those wishing to delve into the butchery aspect of the profession may keep some weapons and armour handy for the culling and slaughtering of livestock or wildlife. Similarly, those wishing to look into the apothecarial or brewery aspects of their profession may keep supplies of cauldrons, bottles and other such things.

A Farmer will usually construct their own large dwelling on the outskirts of a town, where they have access to more land and room for livestock.

Farmers In-Game

Many food-related jobs go hand-in-hand with the Farmer profession. There is usually the standard crop-based farmer, who tills the land and plants crops to feed the Outpost.

Some may wish to invest in the other aspects of the profession, becoming full time butchers, brewers or lending their hands to accumulating apothecarial herbs and plants. Others may wish to specialise further, taking on a heavy role-playing aspect in their profession, playing chocolatiers, cheese-makers or other artisanal food creators.

Characters who wish to run food or drink-based businesses will often go with the Farmer profession, to enable the gathering and production of foodstuffs. These could be restauranteurs, tavern-owners and other such things.