The Great Storm

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The Great Storm
Written802 BY
AuthorZeb Burnsthewick

This tome is penned by Zietal Mar resident Zeb Burnsthewick. In this piece, Zeb records a massive weather event that struck the Outpost.

Text[edit | edit source]

A particularly nasty storm stated one night, catching many people unawares. Torrential rain poured from the sky, howling winds blew out many of the external lights of the Outpost and doors and windows were barred shut.

Soon the sound of the crashing waves could be heard on the northern coast, even from this distance. Through this tumultuous cacophony, horrible roars could be heard a short distance to the north.

Many Dwarves gathered near the library, where Marshall Khestor had began to assemble a small force to investigate the noises.

All Dwarves present were quickly armed and armoured, some, like myself, wielded bows.

Some Water Trolls had appeared by the wall, which were quickly dispatched with.

However, the roars continued and our Dwarves ventured through the forest, killing one or two Water Trolls on the way.

Soon, the coastline was in sight. With rough waves smashing into the shore, all sorts of various materials had been dredged from the sea floor and deposited on the shore. Along with this, Water Trolls had appeared, en masse.

The sheer numbers of Water Trolls present does raise a few questions.

Do they simply live on the sea floor? Does geographical activity generate better spawning conditions for them?

In any case, the Dwarves arrived at the coastline, swiftly dispatching the Trolls in a relatively effective manner. Archers managed to stay up high, whilst the melee fighters worked their way out of the trees, to stop the Water Trolls from sneaking up.

The effectiveness of the fighting force was immediately obvious, with all of the Water Trolls being dealt with in quite a short amount of time. Thankfully, clear concise orders shouted from a small number of Dwarves helped organise the attack.

One final, large wave crashed into the shores, knocking the Dwarves to their feet. Unfortunately, the wave must have run deep, as a huge group of Water Trolls were, once again, dredged up from the depths.

All the Dwarves took position on the coastline, firing arrows into the throng of floating Trolls, which were slowly making their way to the shore. Though many were killed, the Trolls still managed to make land fall.

As per our previous findings on Trolls, they appear to be very single minded, and all of them seemingly focused on one, or two Dwarves, allowing the others to hack away at them and dodge any major blow.

Other smaller materials seem to have washed up on the shore, though nothing major has been found yet. All in all, the Dwarves performed admirably and it is a promising first action in the establishment of the Molir.