Zeb Burnsthewick

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Zeb Burnsthewick
CaptionZeb Burnsthewick in his usual attire.
Birth DateUnknown
Death DateUnknown
Place Of BirthKoresh

Zebulan Zurbaran Burnsthewick, or simply, Zeb Burnsthewick, was a Dwarven Wordsmith and prevalent scholar in the Outpost of Zietal Mar.

Early Life

Zeb was a prolific scholar in his hometown of Koresh, but was relatively unknown outside of the town walls. His books on local wildlife, his most notable on Trolls, were the main source of his income, with copies being sold in larger towns and settlements.

His cognomen was given to him, somewhat jokingly, by the older Dwarves of the town. As the lights in the houses and workshops slowly dimmed and turned off for the night, candles would usually be seen burning in Zeb's small bedroom as he wrote or researched well into the early hours of the night.

In Zietal Mar

One of the very first settlers, Zeb managed to secure his own tent before the proper construction work of the Outpost began. Waking up one day, he emerged from his tent only to find himself in a large wooden building that had been built around him. This wooden building would later become Oldenkurn's Tavern.

Zeb began to establish himself as a scholar almost immediately, offering writing services to those who needed it. He became quick friends with Ortho Berukahs and was a supporter of The Public Servant, the Outpost's premier news publication.

He was present for many events that befell the Outpost, including the outbreak Black Quiver disease and the growth of Zietal Mar from a small group of tents to a bustling, fortified settlement. In general, Zeb kept mostly to himself but joined the Dwarves when danger befell the Outpost. His door was always open to visitors and he enjoyed wiling away the hours talking to his fellow residents of Zietal Mar.

More notably, he was present during the discovery of the All-Gem Chamber, and provided his expertise on collating the various notes found around the island and the ultimate reclamation of the All-Gem.

Later Life

After The Cuckoo landed back in Bormar, Zeb was kept with the other Dwarves as, essentially, prisoners. After the First House verified the authenticity of the All-Gem and subsequent events, Zeb, along with the others, were declared heroes of Bormar and set free. After traveling to various and much safer places, Zeb eventually returned to his birth town of Koresh and enjoyed a much more improved glut of sales, no doubt in part to his newfound outlook on life and knowledge, but also his new title.

Major Works