The Magma Cave

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The Magma Cave
Written802 BY
AuthorZeb Burnsthewick

This tomed is penned by Zietal Mar resident Zeb Burnsthewick, who details an expedition into a peculiar cave..

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During the search to a cure for the Black Quiver disease, it was theorised that a sample of basalt was needed in order to complete the recipe.

To the far north, past the Grol settlements, a few obsidian spikes loom out of the sea.

With perfect timing, one of these spikes was sundered open, revealing a magma-filled cavern. It was only the tell-tale pillars of smoke rising to the skies that alerted Marshall Khestor to this place.

A small chamber, within the spike itself, was filled with Magma Slimes. The walls were encrusted with all sorts of volcanic minerals and substances. Lava flows poured freely from the sides of the chamber.

Upon clearing the initial chamber with a small task force and ranged assistance from outside boats, a number of Dwarves made their way inside. Some, stayed outside on the boats, as safeguard.

A single lava flow, at the end of the chamber, was found to go down further into the ground. After consumption of some of Ilzar Goldspit's potions of fire resistance, our Dwarves were able to make it down.

Many burns and scalds were had by the party, but all emerged at the bottom relatively unscathed.

A larger chasm was journeyed into, with a large shard of volcanic glass partitioning off a safe area for our Dwarves.

The magma spike in which the Dwarves of Zietal Mar searched for basalt.

Magma Trolls, shambling masses of glass, slag, ore, rock and other minerals, wandered about this subterranean landscape, along with Magma Slimes bounding around aimlessly.

Our Dwarves delved through, slowly killing all that came in their way. A pitched, cramped battle occurred, with our Dwarves penned in on two sides, yet valiantly fighting onwards.

Eventually, the chamber came to an end, with lumps of basalt dug up by our resident miner; Avuz Lamusus.

However, loud roars could be heard from deeper within the caverns.

Upon exploring the small chamber, a tiny rift was found through the thick rock, leading to a volcanic gigantic, volcanic chamber.

Within a large tube of solid bedrock and minerals had coalesced, forming an 'organic' prison. Inside it, a Magma Troll of gigantic proportions. Mercifully, it was trapped within this tube of rock.

I theorise it had spawned there at some unknown time and simply grown to this size over the years.

The Troll had just enough strength to start breaking out of this prison, leaving cracks and holes in the shell of the material.

Our Dwarves bounded through the tightly wound tunnels around the tube.

Founding these holes and cracks, they poked and shot the Magma Troll with whatever weapons they had.

Thankfully, all the Troll could do was bellow and roar as it succumbed to its ultimate fate.

An easy foe when trapped, but the Magma Troll would have proven disastrous if it had escaped. Our forward-thinking Dwarves may have potentially saved the entire island.

After this monumental victory, our Dwarves headed back to Zietal Mar and a well earned drink.

Except for the infected, who were shepherded back into their tents.