The Sanitae

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The Sanitae
Written805 BY
AuthorHollden Festas

This tome is penned by Thornheim resident Hollden Festas. In this piece, Hollden gives a scathing indictment of the Outpost's democratic leanings and calling its dwarves to action against it.


It is to the "Blessedbelt" to which I agree with. Our Outpost stands in permanently freezing territory.

Our Outpost, which has decided to govern as such with the might of collective, unwashed, and unlearned minds, barely able to speak, less able to even pick out the letters from a page.

And to these people, this desultory convocation forms, and with it, comes the sprout of a governance platform. A presidium where the only entry requirement is to be a Dwarf...

And these fools think that this will bring forth their ascendancy? Deciding large, sweeping changes interfrastically, just to satiate their own mirth, leaving the ones who know truly the knowledge needed to leave in the dark, without power, and unable to muster the rightful power system

The rightful power system of NOTHING.

Is it not the right of any Dwarf to lead themself?

Is it not wise that a Dwarf, any Dwarf know what is best for them, and as such, do that for which it is best?

If a Cabal of Dwarves decide to Bluster their way through organs of governance, Expediently destroying what modicum of clout they once possessed, then let them fail, crash, and burn. But under no circumstance should the lives, wellbeings, and quality-of-life of another Dwarf be hindered by these fools.

Truncate the assembly, it is folly, and wastes good food and drink which could be sold to the Bormarian elite.

Burn the rostrum, for it is where men and women may sprout their lies, their uneducated lies.

Abandon semblances of governance, let a dwarf act as they see fit, as the Gods have commanded, and lie to the Stolto.

It is right, it is just.

Join me in my relivation of Sanitae.

Shout loud from your tents, from your houses that you will not support the incompetents.