Tobias Aetos

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Tobias Aetos was a Smith who participated in the hunt for the fabled All-Gem.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Tobias, unlike his father, was never rich. Tobias's father died in a training accident many years ago, and he had never seen his mother. At the funeral, Toby was too young to quite understand the agreements of the contract he was handed and received none of the wealth of his father. Returning home, he ruffled through his father's many things looking for anything of value or potential worth. He saw books on how to write great tomes, but the subject did not interest him. He searched deeper and deeper through hundreds, what felt like thousands, of building plans, until he found something. A book with a rose-gold bookmark delicately placed on page 5; a number Tobias wouldn't forget, for on this bookmark was a small transcript which read: "Forging is many Dwarf's key to luxury and good health, a good smith is not only good luck to themselves, but also their allies."

Tobias read deeper, finding that the book mentioned how much luck forging and hammering steel would bring. It was dusk when he started reading and it was noon by the time he finished. Tobias sold the bookmark for a book on the basics of a Smith, and would train for several years in the art of metalworking. Tobias set sail for the Outpost of Zietal Mar in search of great fortune, his equivalent to a holy book in hand. For all of Tobias' life he had been a common smith, but he began to think that things would change for the better.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Tobias, while short-lived, placed a few prominent monuments and helped cement the building style of Fort Thidir. Most importantly, Tobias designed the Outpost's walls choosing a short, stout, and thick design of curved stone. Tobias also designed the Skyforge, his personal forge placed high above on the top of Greencrown Peak, and created an outlook with a small bridge attaching it to the Outpost's Upper Holding.