Alekan Indrothath

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Alekan Indrothath
CaptionAlekan Indrothath in his usual attire.
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Alekan Indrothath was a Dwarf who lived in Zietal Mar during the time of the discovery of the All-Gem.

Home And Family

Alekan Indrothath was a Dwarf-At-Arms and the brother of Geraint Indrothath. The two brothers utilised their skills as Dwarves-At-Arms as mercenaries. Alekan was noted for generally being quite aloof, but would have unexpected periods of formality and seriousness.

Alekan and Geraint were the illegitimate children of Lord Yemel Indrothath, who became infamous for his corruption. The two brothers, of which Alekan was the oldest, were subject to Yemel's 'teachings', which consisted of how to manipulate trade and people and how to make money and allies as fast as possible.

Yemel, despite taking in his bastard children, was not a kind father, often yelling and verbally abusing his children in a drunken stupor. Alekan, often-times becoming the target of Yemel's yelling, strangle grew to become a fairly laid-back and indifferent individual, as early on he had decided that he would simply endure his father's beratement and move on.


At 32, Alekan and his brother fled Yemel's Manor after an inspection of the manor due to reports of illegal substances being smuggled through the area. The brothers travelled far through the wilderness, eventually coming upon the Koreggi Mountains in the south of Bormar. Within this mountain-range, the brothers came across a band of Grol mercenaries, led by a Grol named Al Toko. The brothers exchanged knowledge of potential wealthy targets for protection and eventually both the Grol and the brothers grew to trust each other.

Following multiple years of successful business with the Grol, and one year before travelling to Zietal Mar, the brothers were contacted to assassinate a fairly wealthy Apothecary in the town of Mogen, a short distance north of the Koreggi Mountains. The brothers accepted this mission and headed north. Under the cover of night they set alight the Apothecary's home, causing the death of his wife and child. However the Dwarves were unaware that the Apothecary was away on business.

Following the failed assassination attempt, the brothers heard word of an Outpost far off the west coast of Bormar which was attracting some attention. The brothers overheard rumours of a wealthy Lord sponsoring the outpost. The brothers decided to travel to the outpost, intrigued by the thought of ancient riches and a new start.

In The Outpost

Alekan arrived at a time when Zietal Mar was being threatened by the levels of Grol on the island. Their arrival was unexpected and they were attacked by Grol within the northern forests, fleeing to the Outpost to seek safety. The brothers arrived during a Grol assault and took refuge in The Oldernkurn, a popular tavern, pillaging it for supplies. Once feeling successfully armed, the pair left the tavern and began to push towards the voices of other Dwarves. The residents of Zietal Mar, finding the brothers within the skirmish, aided them and banded together to push the Grol out of Zietal Mar.

Alekan mediated with a Grol messenger, claiming that he and Kogan were the only remaining Dwarves on The Archipelago, and the others had left with the All-Gem. Alekan refused the messenger's request to meet with Lord Voman Stoutheart unarmed, and, in consultation with Kogan, fired the first shot, and began the Final Stand of Zietal Mar with the murder of the Grol messenger.

Following a stalemate at Fort Thidir, the Grol and Alekan agreed to a duel, on the condition that should he win, the Grol shall leave the outpost, and should he fail, the Dwarves be taken captive. Alekan began to skirmish with a Bejji, which Alekan dispatched with a shortsword.

Harji, a Grol shaman, claiming the Grol's greatest warrior would never be defeated unless through some vile trickery refused to honour the deal, resumed the battle.

Alekan began an attempt to escape the Outpost, but was restrained by Kogan who wished to die with honour. Shortly afterwards, the Grol horde breached Fort Thidir, and the last two Dwarves escaped the Outpost, living feral for a year, before an expeditionary party to the archipelago discovered them and returned them to Bormar.

Later Life

With their return, Kogan and Alekan testified to the First House on Lord Voman Stoutheart's guilt, eventually leading to his arrest warrant, the release of the Zietal Mar Residents from prison, and the fate of Zietal Mar.

Alekan vowed to track down and murder Lord Voman, for the death of his brother.