Grinamor Yelsik

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Grinamor Yelsik was Dwarf-At-Arms who aspired to protect the outpost as best he could, until he ultimately had to leave The Molir with problems rising between The Molir and the Umbral Hand.

Before Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Before coming to Zietal Mar Grinamor was raised his mother who was a tailor and his father who was an attendant to a knight named Rigmir Hilark, where he took care of his steed. When his father became too ill to travel with him and with the knight needing a squire as well as someone to take care of his steed he allowed Grinamor to come with in the absence of his father. Following the knight around Bormar where he learned the basics of archery, horse riding and becoming quite proficient at swordsmanship. After completing his squireship when he reached the age of becoming a knight and showing bravery and skill he became a knight. With the death of his father Grinamor decided to start a new chapter in his life and hearing about the ventures of people going to a new land and finding passage he made his way to Zietal Mar

In The Outpost[edit | edit source]

Being one of the later settlers, Grinamor managed to find a home to live in after first being shown around the Outpost by Grabhol Faulkrunn. After getting sorted out he immediately made his way to the The Molir and met Captain Gramsik.

The Molir[edit | edit source]

After joining and being very well capable of combat he went on many missions to help and protect the inhabitants of the outpost.

The Umbral hand[edit | edit source]

After forming the Umbral Hand with Grabhol Faulkrunn, Zeryn Kirek, Oselav Yorn and Galien Hymor they worked on many aspects to make it functional and working guild. Grinamor became Quartermaster of the guild where he took care of many things such as keeping everyone's equipment up to date and making sure they had enough supplys.

Back In Bormar[edit | edit source]

Following the arrest and pending execution when returning home, Grinamor ventured out to find a place to settle where he found a nice small town to live in for the majority of his life. In his later years he went back to Zietal Mar where he lived his final years tending to the graves of the dead dwarves.