Grabhol Faulkrunn

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Grabhol Faulkrunn
File:First huge gem of Zietal Marr.png
Grabhol Faulkrunn holding a Sapphire
Northern Bormar
Zietal Mar, Aged 107
Cause of deathOverrun by Grol
Body discoveredby Ogrona Frontik, and Har Bohn.
Resting placeUnmarked grave outside Zietal Mar boundaries.
EducationJewellery Apprenticeship
OrganizationUmbral Hand
Known forUmbral Hand
Notable workThe Umbral Hand
TitlePublic Affairs Officer
TermFor life

Grabhol Faulkrunn was a Jeweller with aspirations to be the richest person in Zietal Mar. He formed the Umbral Hand guild with Grinamor Yelsik, and Har Bohn.

Grabhol was killed while fighting Grol in the Red Wastes.

Before Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Grabhol was born and raised by a poor family in the North of Bormar. At a very young age, he fled his family and began to apprentice with a Jeweller in the area. During his apprenticeship, Grabhol learned the key skills to being a jeweller and became moderately successful in his craft.

Grabhol's skill as a jeweller began to gather the attention of criminals within his area and he was kidnapped with hopes that he would act as an indentured servant. While captured, the physical abuse he sustained lead to Grabhol's focus on wealth and mining, with alcohol becoming an addiction of his. Grabhol escaped during a gang war and was made aware of the Zietal Mar expedition during his escape.

Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

During his capture, Grabhol had lost his skills of jewellery, and followed the same routine he was forced into, until he could begin practicing his craft once again. As his skillset climbed again, he aimed to become the wealthiest Dwarf within the Outpost, and was seen working long hours within the mine. During his mining, he met Batner Yamagger who partnered with Grabhol due to his abundant supply of ores. Grabhol began to attempt manipulating supplies of essential resources within the Outpost, beginning with his successful control over the coal supply which lead to an increase in price of coal by the Smith's Guild.

Grabhol was approached by Natgroni Warmgut, another Jeweller, who wished to work alongside him. Natgroni introduced Grabhol to her husband, Yorbear who worked to introduce a new currency within the Outpost. Natrgoni was killed by her husband shortly after, as Yorbear had stolen books for him from the Zietal Mar Public Library under orders from Governor Khestor Thidirlun. The two decided to murder Yorbear to avoid any Outpost confict. Khestor promised to share the loot on the discovery of the All-Gem to convince Grabhol to agree to the job.

Grabhol began to expand his contacts to those of different professions. He targeted the new arrivals to the Outpost, as they were easy to manipulate. With those loyal to him, Grabhol founded the Umbral Hand, which began as a secret society hidden behind a waterfall, but eventually became public. Grabhol had attempted to form a democratic council to change the rules within Zietal Mar, and perhaps elect a new leader of the Outpost.

Grabhol then became intwined in conflict with the Outpost's Leadership. This began with investigations into the Umbral Hand. Khestor feared that Grabhol and the Umbral Hand would threaten his power and the stability of the Outpost. The conflict climaxed when violence nearly erupted between the Molir and Umbral Hand members.

Death[edit | edit source]

Grabhol attempted to improve his reputation and the reputation of the Umbral Hand within the Outpost. He did this by independently fulfilling the tribute for the Outpost's Rank 3 upgrade and by single-handedly combatting Grol throughout the islands. It was predicted that Grabhol managed to kill a total of 500 Grol within two weeks before he was outnumbered and killed in a Grol tent.

Grabhol's body was found by Har Bohn and Ogrona Frontik in their search after they realised he was missing. He was laid to rest in Deeptunnel. Gib Andosk unsealed his grave and stole the key to the Umbral Hand for an unsanctioned investigation. Following the disovery of Grabhol's lava throne, and escape tunnels to Gramsik Lerch's bunker. Gib requested that Sigmarr deconsecrate his grave. Sigmarr complied, and the two of them moved Grabhol's body to an unmarked grave outside the Outpost boundaries. Gib left behind a sign saying "Do not bury a Dwarf here, for this is hallowed ground". Grabhol's second grave was eventually disovered by Har who revealed its whereabouts to Ogrona.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Grabhol was the first Dwarf in the outpost to uncover a Huge Gem.