Grabhol Faulkrunn

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Grabhol Faulkrunn in front of Zietal Mar's tavern.

Grabhol Faulkrunn was a Jeweller who participated in the hunt for the mythical All-Gem. He aspired to become the richest Dwarf in Zietal Mar, and is most known for being the founder of the Umbral Hand.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

In 695 BY Grabhol was born and raised by a poor family in Northern Bormar. At a very young age, he fled his family and took an apprenticeship with a Jeweller in the area. During this time, Grabhol learned the key skills of the profession and became moderately successful in his craft.

Grabhol's skill as a jeweller began to gather the attention of criminals within his area and he was kidnapped with hopes that he would act as an indentured servant. While captured, the physical abuse he sustained led to Grabhol's focus on wealth and mining, as well as a problem with alcohol. Grabhol escaped during a gang war and was made aware of the Zietal Mar expedition during his escape which he promptly joined.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

During his capture, Grabhol lost his skills in jewellery and slowly practiced until he could begin practicing his craft once again. As his skillset returned, he aimed to become the wealthiest Dwarf within the Outpost, and could be seen working long hours within the mine to achieve this goal. During his mining, he met Batner Yamagger who partnered with Grabhol due to his abundant supply of ores. Grabhol began manipulating the stores of essential resources within the Outpost, beginning with his successful control over its coal supply, leading to an increase in the price of coal by the Smith's Guild.

Grabhol was approached by Natgroni Warmgut, another Jeweller, who wished to work alongside him, becoming his apprentice. Natgroni introduced Grabhol to her husband, Yorbear Greenfoot, who was working to introduce a new currency within the Outpost. Yorbear soon stole several rare pages from the Zietal Mar Public Library under Grabhol's orders after Grabhol began working with Governor Khestor Thidirlun to learn about the All-Gem. Shortly after, Natrgoni was killed by her husband for an unknown reason which enraged Grabhol. Grabhol and Khestor decided to confront Yorbear about his lawless actions, but also to make sure the secret of their cooperation never came to light. A fight broke out, and Yorbear died at the hands of Grabhol and the Governor

Grabhol began to expand his contacts to those of different professions. He targeted the new arrivals to the Outpost, as they were easy to manipulate. With those loyal to him, Grabhol founded the Umbral Hand, which began as a secret society hidden behind a waterfall, but eventually became public. Its purpose was to form a democratic council and change the rules of Zietal Mar and elect a new leader of the Outpost.

Grabhol then became entwined in conflict with Marshal Khestor over this issue. This began with investigations into the Umbral Hand over alleged actions that the guild was planning against the government. The conflict climaxed when violence nearly erupted between the Khestor's molir and the members of the Umbral Hand. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and both parties stood down. Tensions continued between the Umbral Hand and the government of Zietal Mar until Grabhol's unfortunate demise.

Death[edit | edit source]

Grabhol attempted to improve his reputation and the reputation of the Umbral Hand within the Outpost. He did this by independently fulfilling the Office of Outpost Affairs' Tribute requirements, as well as by single-handedly combatting Grol throughout the island. It was predicted that Grabhol managed to kill a total of 500 Grol within two weeks before he was overwhelmed in a Grol encampment and killed.

Grabhol's body was found by Har Bohn and Ogrona Frontik in their search after they realized he was missing. He was laid to rest in Outpost's deeptunnel. Gib Andosk unsealed his grave and stole the key to the Umbral Hand's headquarters for an unsanctioned investigation. Following the discovery of several more of Grabhol's secrets as well as tunnels into Captain Gramsik Lerch's bunker. Gib requested that local cleric Sigmarr Thoruva deconsecrate his grave due to his traitorous actions. Sigmarr complied, and the two of them moved Grabhol's body to an unmarked grave outside the Outpost boundaries. Gib left behind a sign saying "Do not bury a Dwarf here, for this is hallowed ground". Grabhol's second grave was eventually discovered once again by Har Bohn who revealed its whereabouts to Ogrona.