Har Bohn

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Har Bohn was a Dwarf that came from a nomadic Dwarven tribe before failing his final test for adulthood and being banished. Har then decided to travel the world and participated in the hunt for the fabled All-Gem.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He came to Zietal Mar to find a new place to live, far away from his people. He had heard about the All-Gem and went looking for it, even willing to loot the corpses of other adventurers in his search. Har's reason for wanting the All-Gem was simple, if he went home with a legendary treasure in his possession he could not be refused.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

In Zietal Mar he got involved with the quasi-criminal Umbral Hand guild, idolizing its founder Grabhol Faulkrunn. He was one of the people to discover the body of Grabhol after he was slain by Grol in the Red Hills, along with Ogrona Frontik. Despite this minor crisis for Har, things quickly changed with the discovery of the All-Gem.

While the All-Gem was supposedly stored in the Zietal Mar Public Bank, Har faced a moral dilemma. On one hand, he wanted to steal the gem and show it to his tribe to restore his name. On the other, Har saw Zietal Mar's inhabitants as his friends and did not want to betray them. He went to Gib Andosk, a Dwarf who Har trusted greatly. After a long conversation between the two, Har decided not to steal the gem, for he had found a new tribe in the form of his friends in Zietal Mar.

Later Life[edit | edit source]

When he and the other Dwarfs were released from prison and declared "Heroes of Zietal Mar" he used his reward money to buy a first ship that he named The Umbral Hand in memory of Grabhol's long-defunct guild. He then became a captain, sailing the seas with his crew, including Oselav Yorn, a Dwarf who was also a veteran of Zietal Mar and a former member of the Umbral Hand. Oselav decided to join Har in exploring the world with their newfound wealth.

Sadly, The Umbral Hand would perish due to termites in its main support beam, leading to the ship's collapsing upon itself. Har would then Captain The Finix, which would also perish, before finally acquiring The Nomad, which he still sails today as its Captain.