Har Bohn

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Har Bohn was a Dwarf that came from a nomadic Dwarven tribe. He failed his final test for adulthood and was banished.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He came to Zietal Mar to find a new place to live, far away from his people. He had heard about the All-Gem and went looking for it, even willing to loot the corpses of other adventurers in his search

Har's reason for wanting the All-Gem was simple, if he went home with a legendary treasure in his possession he could not be refused.

Mid-Life[edit | edit source]

In Zietal Mar he got involved with the Umbral Hand. Har idolised Grabhol Faulkrunn, the unofficial leader of the guild. He was one of the people to discover the body of Grabhol. (Ogrona Frontik was there aswell)

After the reform of the Umbral Hand, the All-Gem was found.

The All-Gem[edit | edit source]

While the All-Gem was supposedly stored in the Zietal Mar Public Bank, Har faced a moral dillema. On one hand, he wanted to steal the gem and show it to his tribe to restore his name. On the other, Har saw Zietal Mar's inhabitants as friends, and didn't want to disappoint them. He went to Gib Andosk, a dwarf who Har was close too and trusted.

After a long conversation between the two, Har decided not to steal the gem, for he had found a new people, new friends and perhaps a new family

Later Life[edit | edit source]

When he and the other dwarfs were released he ussed his reward money to buy his first ship that he named "The Umbral Hand" after the guild he was once part of.

After Zietal Mar he became a captain, sailing the seas with his crew, including Oselav Yorn, a dwarf he had met back in the Umbral Hand who had decided to join him to explore and do research about the world.

Ships he sailed on, his rank, and the fate of those ships[edit | edit source]

The Cuckoo - firstmate - taken by the goverment as evidence.

The Umbral Hand - Cpt. - Termites in the main suport beam, leading to the entire thing collapsing on itself.

The Finix - Cpt. - "ADVENTURE!!"

The Nomad - Cpt. - Still active.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I'm not a grave rober! ...... Okay, that was a one time thing!" (After being called a grave robber)

"This is why nobody likes you guys.." (During the raid on the Umbral Hand, to Gramsik)

"okay, but does it have a fire or lava throne? No? Who doesn't have one at this point?" (idk)

"We could just blow it up whit TNT." (most problems)