Ilzar Goldspit

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Ilzar in his everyday clothes.

Ilzar Goldspit (later Ilzar Frontik) was part of the original landing party of Dwarves who were sent to find the fabled All-Gem.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Ilzar was born in a mountainous city in Bormar deep within the Mar Mountains, despite being a Dwarf of the Low Kingdoms. His parents both worked tirelessly as Miners, but he had never agreed with such a lifestyle. At a young age, he picked up the practices of an Apothecary after studying several tomes for journeymen. As he honed his craft, he found himself more and more isolated from his family who never quite accepted Ilzar's new vocation. Once recruitment began for a new Outpost far to the West of Bormar, he seized the opportunity and left his home for this newfound land, deciding that he'd put his passion into practice on the island.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

An apothecary by trade, Ilzar would start a fledgling Apothecary Guild with himself as its Guildmaster. Eventually, Ilzar would draw the ire of Ortho Berukahs and his writings in The Public Servant. Ilzar would outlast his critic and continue as a respected member of Zietal Mar, eventually being designated as the Consul of the Tributary Office by Governor Khestor Thidirlun.

Ilzar would soon begin a romance with Zietal Mar's librarian Ogrona Frontik, which would result in their marriage and Ilzar dropping his cognomen of "Goldspit" in favor of the name "Frontik".

Later Life[edit | edit source]

When the time came to leave Zietal Mar, Ilzar boarded The Cuckoo, destined for Bormar's shores. After being cleared of all charges and declared a "Hero of Zietal Mar," Ilzar retired to a quite forest home with his wife, where he would brew his potions and she would write several tomes on their adventures in the Outpost.