Ilzar Goldspit

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A render of Ilzar

Ilzar Goldspit (later Ilzar Frontik) was part of the original landing party of the Dwarves in Zietal Mar. He would later take a seat in the Outpost's governing body as Consul of the Tributary Office, among other roles such as the Guildmaster of the never-completed Zietal Mar Apothecary Guild.

Before Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Ilzar had been born in a Bormar city very near to the Mar Mountains. His parents both worked tirelessly as Miners, but he had never agreed with such a lifestyle. At a young age, he picked up the practices of an Apothecary, following introductory tomes published by the Bormar Apothecarial Society. As he honed his craft, he found himself more and more isolated from his family who in turn never quite agreed with Ilzar's own chosen role. Once recruitment for a new island Outpost had begun, he seized the opportunity, and left his home for this newfound land, deciding that he'd put his passion into practice on the island.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]