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Excavators, prospectors and miners toil deep underground. Some search for rare ores and gems, whilst others work to fulfill the designs of their leaders. They are often overlooked, but their presence is a necessity in many aspects of Dwarven society.

Miners are built for the underground, with access to skills that allow them to ease their endless burden. Their skills allow them to see in the dark, walk faster on stone, and mine quicker.

Miners are also able to find custom ores and gemstones while excavating stone. These ores can be processed by a Smith in to many different types of metals, whilst a Jeweller can make use of the gemstones, making Miners a much-desired profession to have around.


Skill Icon Name Description Total Levels Skill Point Cost Per Level Skill Point Scaling Cost Per Level Total Skill Points Required For Max Level
Click Combos By pressing a three-button combination of the left and right mouse buttons; R-R-R, R-L-R, R-R-L, you can perform special attacks with any type of weapon. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Custom Crafting After a character has used a certain number of skill points, they will be given the option to unlock this skill. This will allow them to use a Custom Crafting 'token', in return for a custom-made item. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Gemfinder By digging up types of stone, Miners have a chance to find gemstones or other rare minerals. The higher your level, the higher chance you will have and the more variety of gemstones you will find. 4 1 SP N/A 4 SP
Level Up This skill gives the character an extra skill point, after a long cooldown. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
MinersHaste Gives a boost of mining speed to anyone nearby. 3 1 SP 1 SP 6 SP
Orehound Various ores can be found whilst digging up stone. Higher levels in this skill will yield more drops. 5 1 SP 1 SP 15 SP
ReactionTime The underground is full of dangers, from lava and chasms to wildlife and worse. Casting this skill allows you to shrug off almost all damage, but just for a few seconds. 1 4 SP N/A 4 SP
Squint Miners spend long times underground, which allows them to get used to the dark. This skill gives the caster night vision, for a short period of time. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP
Tunneltreader Having tramped underground for so long, Miners will often be much faster at walking on bare stone than other professions. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP

Tools And Equipment

When journeying into the mines, or deep underground, a level of safety is required. Whilst most Miners would not begin mining in a full suit of armour, they may have some close by in case some dangers are revealed.

Similarly, plenty of pickaxes, light sources and food are usually on hand. Heavier, longer-lasting pickaxes can be created by the plates and slabs that Smiths can forge.

Miners In-Game

Although the Miner, no matter how it is played, will revolve around the act of digging, the circumstances beyond this can change substantially. Some Miners may purely mine the nodes that are found around the maps, yielding specific resources. Some may devote themselves to the back-breaking labour that is associated with mass excavations; digging tunnels, chambers and what not underground.

Other Miners may delight in the joys of exploring the underground regions and, whilst digging and mining is still part of their skillset, they may not rely on it as heavily as other Miners.

They will often band together in groups in order to complete truly large-scale works of excavation, or rise to the challenge when huge amounts of material is needed for large building projects.