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Excavators, prospectors and miners toil deep underground. Some search for rare ores and gems, whilst others work to fulfill the designs of their leaders. They are often overlooked, but their presence is a necessity in many aspects of Dwarven society.

Miners are built for the underground, with access to skills that allow them to ease their endless burden. Their skills allow them to see in the dark, walk faster on stone, and mine quicker.

Miners are also able to find custom ores and gemstones while excavating stone. These ores can be processed by a Smith in to many different types of metals, whilst a Jeweller can make use of the gemstones, making Miners a much-desired profession to have around.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Squint Long hours spent in the dark have honed your vision. 1 SP Thrice
Gemfinder The underground is full of gemstones and rare minerals just waiting to be excavated by dedicated miners.

More experienced Gemfinders can seek out a wider range of gemstones.

1 SP Four
Miner's Haste The quicker you finish in the tunnels, the quicker you can get back to the tavern. 1 SP Thrice
Orehound Experienced miners can find a range of new ores whilst digging. 3 SP Once
Reaction Time Even in the safest mines, hazards are still possible and a wary miner lives longer than most. 4 SP Once
Tunneltreader Some Dwarves may find themselves slowed down whilst travelling over rough terrain underground, but not you. 1 SP Thrice


Miners In-Game

A big change in our server is that there is no ore generation outside of our pre-designated mines. The good news is that we have custom re-filling mines that are available to all characters.