Ogrona Frontik

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Ogrona Frontik was part of the original landing party of the Dwarves in Zietal Mar. She would grow to later be the Head Librarian of the Outpost Public Library, along with the translator of Grol.

Early Life

Ogrona grew up in a home in the forests of Bormar. Her mother was a Wordsmith, and her father was a Miner. She remembers growing up reading, then running outside and playing in the dirt. She always felt like she wanted to do more with her life and see more of the world. While she was in town, shopping for her family, she found a flyer about an expedition to a new land. She brought it home and decided that she would join. Luckily, her parents encouraged her to explore the world and find her place in it. With excitement in her eyes, she boarded the first ship to the new Outpost.

Life in Zietal Mar

Once the boat landed in Zietal Mar, Ogrona started to collect pieces of history from before. Some people came and delivered pages from the island's past that they found scattered across the area. She set her tent up and got to work on gathering materials to make books with. She'd help out with odds and ends in the Outpost, collecting materials for others and helping fix buildings. Checking to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

The Outpost Public Library

Ogrona made the Outpost Public Library early on and offered Library Cards for people to check out and get copies of books. The physical library went through multiple versions, starting out with a small entrance and a second floor. On the first floor, and the basement, was a Wordsmiths' Workshop and storage for original works. After some time, she built a new Library where the old one was. This one had a walkway, a garden, and the books were all stored downstairs.

One main event that occurred, was that writer, Ortho Berukahs, started to spread misinformation about Ilzar Goldspit, and that he is unstable. Ogrona reached out to different people, asking nearly everyone in the Outpost if they were the people that spoke negatively of Ilzar, to see if there was a way of resolving it. Turns out, none of them had talked to Ortho, and so she wrote multiple books clearing up the misinformation that was spread.

The Elections

When the first elections were held in Zietal Mar, Ogrona ran for leader against Kadol Ubbul and Darfur Durgrimst. Kadol would win the elections, with Ogrona being runner-up. After Kadol's sudden step-down from Overseer, Ogrona was Interim Overseer while a new election was being held. She did not make many decisions, since she wanted an elected leader to guide Zietal Mar. During the second election, the only other candidate was Khestor Thidirlun, who at that time was Marshal of the Outpost's molir. Khestor won, and Ogrona was part of the Lower Chamber to help come to decisions.

One day, the Library was broken into by Yorbear Greenfoot under the instruction of Grabhol Faulkrunn and Khestor to investigate the tattered pages of the island's historical inhabitants. When Ogrona learned of this and saw that copies were made, she gave up on them entirely. She saw them as her life's work, something she'd been working on since they landed on the Island, and was hurt by the actions of her fellow Dwarves. After this, Ogrona stepped down from Government positions and strengthened her relationship with Ilzar.

Ilzar Goldspit

Ogrona and Ilzar at the altar.

Ogrona met Ilzar in a tavern and went home with him and Alekan Indrothath to chat. She grew to like how soft he was, and how easily he would get embarrassed. She would often go and visit him, just relaxing around him and bringing him flowers. She had written a book on flowers and their meanings, so she used it to her full advantage as he was a studious Apothecary with an interest in such matters.

After a fight with the island's Grol, Ilzar made up his mind and agreed to begin a relationship with Ogrona. Soon, Ogrona knew that she wanted to marry him, so she went to her friend and jeweler, Grabhol Faulkrunn, to commission two rings: one made of black bronze with a ruby in it, the other made of rose gold with turquoise. She would use these to propose to Ilzar. Soon she proposed to him in a small garden of the Outpost, and he said yes.

They returned home and planned the wedding. Everyone was invited, and it was held on the festival grounds. The banners were changed to match the colours of her and her lover, a little altar was made, and benches. Drinks were commissioned, and a piano was made. They exchanged their vows, danced, and moved into the house behind them that they built together. As a gift from Overseer Khestor, Ilzar and Ogrona were named Lord and Lady Frontik, Ilzar giving up his last name, Goldspit, because of the way it sounded.


Ogrona ventured out to the Red Wastes in order to learn the Grol Language. There, the Grol Skorj'Al Peroln kidnapped her by giving her a potion to make her fall asleep. When she woke up, she was their prisoner, but soon became surprisingly friendly with the Grol. She got asked to mush some meat with a piston, and offered to plant and grow potatoes for them. Peroln accepted this, and so she started a little potato farm. Later on, she was asked to make a circle and make it look Dwarven. She did so, and even set up a painting where Peroln could hide should her friends come and save her. She also had to clean out the cage of a fungal monster, which they used to create poison potions to use against those in Zietal Mar.

Ogrona managed to sneak out once during her stay, during which she delivered a letter to Gib Andosk saying that she is alright, and telling him how the Grol make their poison potions. A few days later, she was taken in a wagon to watch as the Grol attacked Zietal Mar. She was later saved and returned to her friends, speaking with some Grol mixed into her Dwarven.

Later Life

An artist's rendering of Ogrona Frontik in her library.

When the time came to leave Zietal Mar, she joined the ship to flee. With her she took her diary, some flowers that she and Ilzar had exchanged, and some iron and gold. Her humble wealth allowed her to start a new life with her husband, Ilzar Frontik.

Once the journey of Zietal Mar came to an end, Ilzar and Ogrona decided to complete their goal of having a house in the forests. Ilzar would work on his brews and potions, while Ogrona would go on to write detailed books on the journey of Zietal Mar.

Major Works