Mooshroom Invasion Study

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Mooshroom Invasion Study
Written802 BY
AuthorOselav Yorn

In this piece of research, Zietal Mar resident Oselav Yorn researches the curious mushroom-infected Jerl Bulls (which he dubs "mooshrooms") that attacked the Outpost as the behest of the Amanita Colossi.

Text[edit | edit source]

I will try and study the recent invasion of mooshrooms that infested the land and attacked Zietal Mar.

Entry #1[edit | edit source]

I started studying the current events that have afflicted the Outpost of Zietal Mar.

Especially speaking of the giant mooshroom invasion.

I began with interviewing the few members that were witness to the events.

One of them was Grabhol Faulkrunn, jeweller. The events were as much as I had expected frightening. The walls couldn’t keep up with the mooshrooms.

He told me that he was in his basement waiting for the events to stop. When he stepped out, he told me that there were giant mooshroom stems rising out of the ground, and two of the mooshroom beasts that attacked us were captured in front of the Northern Gate.

My other witness was Grinamor Yelsik, whose testimony confirmed Grabhol’s.

Entry #2[edit | edit source]

After interviewing the witnesses, I decide to approach the beasts.

The beasts resemble the common domestic bovine, the obvious exceptions being the bright red and white colors and the mushrooms growing on their backs, three to be precise.

My first interactions concluded that the beast are very aggressive, they are herbivores, but it seems they have a strong urge for living flesh.

My first experiment was to feed them. I tried to give them wheat. They ate it, but in the process they bit my finger very hard.

I concluded that the beasts are dangerous, and have a strong urge for living flesh.

Entry #3[edit | edit source]

From simple observations of the specimens. It is obvious that they are Jerl Bulls infected by fungus and mycosis. The process in which the fungi infected the creature resulted in a symbiosis. The fungal part resides within the bull’s body and feeds off of its nutrients. In exchange the fungi secrets a powerful concoction that buffs and enrages the host, allowing it to better survive and fight off predators.

My next experiment is milking the subject. Because it is still half bovine I imagine being able to milk it.

While I was milking it, the bull started mooing gently, reminiscent trait from it’s half Jerl Bull’s part.

I succeeded in extracting a thick mycoidal foamy substance, proving my theory.

Immediately after, I tasted the extract. It had an earthy fragrance and a strong mooshroom taste. It was a very rich broth.

I concluded it to be a rich broth, that can be used in cooking.


In my study conducted on the Infected Jerl Bulls I came to the conclusion that the bulls are dangerous and further interactions with them need to be treated with caution.

I consider these new species resulted from a symbiotic relation between two completely different types of living things, a fungi and an animal. Something like this has never been heard of in the scientific community, opening new paths of exploration and experimenting.