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AuthorLauf Riziko

Penned by Zeb Burnsthewick but dictated as an original tale by Lauf Riziko, this book details the small village of Rivend.

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Rivend, a seaside village without hope. Every traveler who passes through might not believe a village of people resides here, because for all the years the population has survived off poisonous berries and polluted water, not a single home other than one has been built.

Originally, the land was marked off for a mansion, but the noble who commissioned it visited the land himself and decided that both metaphorically and literally, no fruit would grow in the wretched town. Even worse a tragedy, if not for the steep cliffs, Rivend would be a port of great prosperity, for thousands of trade ships pass by every month, and the occupants can only watch as their potential wealth and nobility passes them by to Urishia Port only a days travel away.

Physically, Rivend is only an hour's walk away from a blooming city down by the river, with hundreds of merchants and thousands of jobs, but mentally, Rivend is the furthest place from happiness, wealth, and supplies you can be in the richest country on the continent.