Lauf Riziko

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Lauf Riziko was a Jeweller who participated in the hunt for the fabled All-Gem.

Early Life

Lauf was born in Rivend, a small community Southwest of Urishia Port, a bustling hub of seaside trading and transport. Rivend was a derelict place, abandoned by all hope and opportunity that Bormar was known to provide. One day Lauf would walk away from his homeland without a word, eventually ending up on an expedition sponsored by First Lord Voman Stoutheart to establish an Outpost far in the West.

In Zietal Mar

Lauf arrived in the Outpost and didn't make too much impact for most of his time. He was an oddball with a grumpy attitude, but he still maintained good relations with most of the Dwarves around him. One of his earlier, greater achievements was the creation of the Jewelry Guild, a small hall with four workstations for jewelers to carve and craft rings, necklaces, and bracelets. In this hall, he also spent a lot of time with Kabol Ubbul, the only other jewelry guild member at the time. There were some rumors regarding a romance between these two, but the information remained unknown or unsubstantiated. Lauf also infamously stood up Sigmarr Thoruva over the latter's creation of the Upper Holding, yelling and berating him in the church for building it over Lauf's home.


Lauf died on the 1st of Jantag, 802 BY during a Grol hunt fighting a Grol Bejji alone near their camp. The death was highly unexpected and was a reminder to the Outpost of the dangers of the island.