Zietal Mar Census

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A detailed census of the inhabitants of Zietal Mar was kept from the beginning. Names, professions and a short summary of the individual Dwarf was written in the official census record, started by Ogrona Frontik and continued by Gib Andosk. The census helped keep a track of those Dwarves who were generally still active within the Outpost, those who had not been seen in a while and deemed missing and those that had been confirmed dead.

On this page, a list of those Dwarves can be found, with their main professions - not offices, posts or titles they may have held.

Alive or Missing Dwarves[edit | edit source]

This table also includes those Dwarves who had left the Outpost to return to Bormar.

Name Profession Name Profession
Zeb Burnsthewick Scholar Oldenkurn Trorsbane Tavernkeep
Ilzar Goldspit Alchemist Gramsik Lerch Soldier
Lirgno Reviuq Apothecary Sornak Hemsindal Miner
Elveak Smeltriver Smith Fay Unknown
Ogid Tathur Tavernkeep Torrian Ramsbane Dwarf-At-Arms
Ogrona Frontik Librarian Alrin Stormbreak Dwarf-At-Arms
Jotun Reinhart Holy Dwarf Joell Macinder Dwarf-At-Arms
Kyln Smith Kolos Mkhargrdzeli Stonemason
Sigmarr Thoruva Priest Oselav Yorn Brewer
Vorsas Sentry Zeryn Cartographer
Ortho Berukahs Journalist Gib Andosk Wordsmith
Drovan Goldstone Jeweller Grinamor Yelsik Dwarf-At-Arms
Dormit Vostolir Hunter Galien Dwarf-At-Arms
Yofat Bitterbrand Physician Alstair Kyodol Archeologist
Dalo Durlban Prospector Khestor Dwarf-At-Arms
Kadol Ubbul Jeweller Talen Andosk Unknown
Hagleir Germole Miner Har Bohn Apothecary
Avuz Lamusur Miner Gonar Devitri Dwarf-At-Arms
Arken Gone Apothecary Himiran Oreson Smith
Cairn Khazadni Miner Burin Miner
Lars Grondirk Researcher Ronah Irnefon Miner
Leo Ashtan Smith Zarut Libash Smith
Arya Rifstel Smith Aetius Harokin Unknown
Smithers Steelsword Dwarf-At-Arms Illekan Rigurrson Unknown
Lokro Surja Brewer Berim Tosid Smith
Obruh Miner Vodraes Copperhand Smith
Onol Miner Alekan Indrothath Dwarf-At-Arms
Bantur Jarndvarg Unknown Geraint Indrothath Dwarf-At-Arms
Lodish Mentat Unknown Dragh Premec Mercenary
Llarin Amspoker Unknown Lyra Ragnar Unknown
Atoll Amspoker Unknown Boris Arkanic Unknown
Tobias Aetos Smith Cyprian Decimus Tailor
Bram Tuthil Smith Kogan Gemesh Dwarf-At-Arms

Dead Dwarves[edit | edit source]

All Dwarves who were confirmed dead were written down here.

Name Profession Name Profession
Yalmo Mogrymym Jeweller Kildrak Urist Dwarf-At-Arms
Ulosh Rungak Miner Magnus Ragahal Taxidermist
Kaldry Talromyn Apothecary Aleford Dwarf-At-Arms
Urrin Ingeitum Smith Norar Bluseed Farmer
Urist Folid Miner Bamir Moonstone Tavernkeep
Urist Idokab Engineer Datan Idokab Engineer
Nikor Delerbor Smith Lok Miner
Moddoh Surja Banker Mintar Stonepick Miner
Jandrunri Oakshaper Unknown Hermel Mithrilfall Miner
Brokk Ulriksson Unknown Galt Dhuvrodan Apothecary
Alya Ydri Fashion Designer Ilv Ashtan Smith
Grimbald The Greedy North Folklore Expert Bert Olof Smith
Bruneor Malletar Smith Aenn Zwatan Unknown
Ros Rifstel Smith Yollom Herrigarth Museum Owner
Brevikrik Vavalfur Dwarf-At-Arms Skallman Miner
Bomrek Halbard Architect Lilleskutt Tatismos Miner
Bamse Dunderhonung Unknown Dimlin Irongut Unknown
Fokror Darkford Dwarf-At-Arms Vernal Bloodshine Miner
Clautin Smican Jeweller Regnar Unknown
Angar Stoneson Wordsmith Abashio Buceone Apothecary
Thargrin Drokenshelm Smith Yolgrim Drokenshelm Dwarf-At-Arms
Rolf Hammerforge Unknown Brangir Quaketin Historian
Throf Dwarf-At-Arms Lauf Riziko Artist
Ratheas Smeltriver Smith Ardeth Caridin Apothecary
Donte Durgrim Unknown Kikkit Kapponit Unknown
Beau Reddinrod Dwarf-At-Arms Isla Apothecary
Adira Derrinford Apothecary Darfur Durgrimst Apothecary
Lokcrass Darkford Unknown Kjol Ashtan Miner
Nox Deterrak Wordsmith Meyyex Akzurra Mortician
Aldran Unknown Grardin Trorsbane Wordsmith
Dimit Apothecary Wagner Oskar Apothecary
Yorbear Greenfoot Apothecary Rikamar Wynner Unknown
Grabhol Faulkrunn Jeweller Bara Olgara Unknown