The Finding of the Cure for the Black Quiver Disease

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The Finding of the Cure for the Black Quiver Disease
Written802 BY
AuthorOgrona Frontik
GenreMedical Research

This medical tome breaks down the efforts of Zietal Mar's Head Librarian, Ogrona Frontik, to decipher a coded message that would lead to a cure for the Black Quiver disease.

Text[edit | edit source]

-1- The Disease[edit | edit source]

The Black Quiver Disease was found within Zietal Mar following a fight in the swamp. Our Dwarves were victorious against the swamp creatures, however some returned with the first signs of the Black Quiver disease. Those who walked around the Outpost would find Bram Tuthil, Grandin Thorsbane, and Lokro Surjah coughing and looking exhausted. Over time, this would develop to nose bleeds and vomiting blood. Many Dwarves had hopes that the illness would pass, and be nothing more than a severe cold. Sadly we were wrong.

-2- Precautions[edit | edit source]

Since is had been discovered that the illness was Black Quiver, precautions had to be put in place to make sure no other dwarves got infected while the rest worked on a cure.

At a meeting with me as temporary Overseer, we came to a conclusion that those that are infected must stay within a designated area. If they leave, they have to wear air tight suits so that the disease is not spread out further.

-3- Signs of Life[edit | edit source]

As had been already discovered by many explorers, there has been life on the Island before us, despute us not knowing. Some of us wondered if perhaps those here before us had experienced Black Quiver, and perhaps they had a cure hidden somewhere.

With this in mind, Ogrona set out to search the lands up and down, searching every ruin to see if there was something hidden that we did not see before.

Many nights passed, close encounters with forest troll and wolves. But she found a ruined tower, and inside, hidden behind the vines, were three books. Each one was coded, yet her hopes were high. Perhaps these books would lead to the discovery of the cure. Perhaps these books can heal our friends and Zietal Mar.

With high hopes, she rushed home and started work on deciphering the tomes.

-4- Deciphering[edit | edit source]

The three tomes she found were coded. Not only were there three tomes to put together, the letters were jumbled up and there was a colour code. The books started in orange, followed by green, blue, cyan, grey, poison green, bright blue and red saved for last.

Some books skipped some of these colours, however, each colour was a seperate section.

On the first read through, I had no idea what the letters represented. Looking closely, there would be a capital L repeated multiple times. This could only represent I. On a seperate sheet, I worked out other letters such as "o" representing "l".

On the following page you will find the completed alphabet of this code. After a few letters, it became clear that it was a shifted alphabet code.

Part one of the code deciphered by Ogrona Frontik
Part two of the code.

Finding the code allowed me to decipher the text and be able to understand what was written.

The text was still not clear, using vague ways to describe the ingredients, however, with enough research, they were identified.

-5- Ingredient Finding[edit | edit source]

The decoded texts gave clues to the ingredients we would have to use to make the cure. I sat down with many Dwarves of different professions in order to figure these out.

The first clue for an ingredient is as follows: The miner plant, he who dwells in cobblestone.

Here, I talked to both Lokro Surjah and Ilzar Goldspit to find this out. The herb took a lot of discussions, they jumped back and forth between different ones, but have come to the conclusion that it has to be Lesser Lungwort, marshed.

The next clue reads: The white metal ignited: bright as the sun.

Here, I went to Grandsmith Bram to see which metal it might be. After some experimentation, it is concluded that the metal must be Magnesium.

The third clue is: The blood carrier, squashed underfoot.

This one was a bit more obvious than the others, the conclusion drawn at the Panacea Leech that is found in the swamps.

The final clue lead to an exploration. The clue is: Born of lava and cooled over time, dark grey and solid. Deep underground, be wary of heat.

Captain Khestor of the Molir had previously seen some smoke rise near the Grol lands. Together, we scouted it out and determined there must be something inside.

With the warning of the texts, I went to Lokro and Ilzar once more, so that they may create potions to protect those that went in.

After gathering materials Captain Khestor and I lead the way to the area. By our side wer had Avuz, Lokro, Zeb, Kadol, Ilzar, and Bram. With the potions at hand, all except Ilzar and I headed down a Lava Waterfall to explore the area. A detailed book on the event will be published too.

In short, they had to fight various slime-like monsters and managed to defeat it. Sadly, Kadol and Avuz were both burned badly. Luckily, they survived.

From this expedition they managed to find Basalt, which we believe to be the final ingredient to the cure. All that is left is for the Apothecaries to work hard to find it. Hopefully the clues in the book may help.

-6- The Recipe[edit | edit source]

After days of experimenting, Lokro Surjah was able to find the cure for the Black Quiver disease. On the following pages I will show it.


  • 5 mashed lesser lungwort
  • 4 pancea leeches
  • 3 magnesium powder
  • 1 basalt
  • 1 swamphopper slime


  • Put all the ingredients in a cauldron for 13 Minutes.
  • Once you finish, distill once.