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Gib's Bulletin
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AuthorGib Andosk

Gib's Bulletin was a short-lived newspaper written and managed by Zietal Mar resident, Gib Andosk. Its first issue cemented itself as the Outpost's premier newspaper centered around controversy, drama, and criticism, replacing The Public Servant.


Issue 1

Marshal Khestor Powerful or Power Hungry?

Marshal Khestor is the democratically elected overseer of Zietal Mar. He was elected following the collapse of the previous Overseership. The Marshal's manifesto, which can be found behind the Announcement stand in the main plaza contains convincing arguments rife with sibilance and action, it was no wonder he was voted in.

But a problem belies the Marshal's leadership.

Marshal Khestor is the Marshal of the Molir, the military and police of Zietal Mar. This means the Marshal has complete control over the military, police and the government.

The Marshal has replaced the 'Lower Chamber', a now defunct body of members who discussed the actions of the Overseer, and has replaced it with 3 Consularies.

They control the Economy, Outpost Management, and the Molir.

One of the Consularies, the Office of Public Affairs remains empty, giving the Marshal control over at least one branch of the government.

The Molir's Office is currently seated by Captain Gramsik Lerch, the Second-In-Command of the Molir, and the Marshal's direct subordinate. One could assume that the Marshal can pull rank and order on the Captain to issue decrees as the Consul. That would theoretically give the Marshal control of 2 Consularies, 2/3rds of the government.

That only leaves the economy, held by Ilzar Goldspit, a quiet man who isn't seen in public very often. Not much is known about Mr. Goldspit and his relation to Marshal Khestor, but it is assumed the Marshal still has some control over him.

This does not prove the Marshal as a corrupt Overseer or a bad person. It serves simply as a power-check, and a reminder to never fully trust the status-quo...

Marshal Khestor will be interviewed for Issue Two of 'Gib's Bulletin' as a continuation on the 'Marshal Khestor' segment piece.

The Daily Life of a Master Jeweler

I had the honour of meeting Grabhol Faulkrunn in the mines today, he is the 'Master Jeweler of the entire Outpost, and owns the 'Diamond Band' a luxury jewelers, and the only jeweler in Zietal Mar.

Mr. Faulkrunn spends his days mining and purchasing gems and ores, while I was spending time with him, he purchased some gems from one of his accomplices, Gimli.

Mr. Faulkrunn spends his time in his workshop downstairs, a beautifully crafted and maintained workplace with heated floors and pristine machinery.

With this, he has been building truly beautiful pieces of decorative wear, his current project is a Black Bronze ring with a Paragon Emerald and two Paragon Pink Sapphires.

Other than that, Mr. Faulkrunn is a humble man who simply wants to perfect his craft and become the richest man in Zietal Mar.

In his spare time, he won the Verbal Brawling and Dancing Competition in the Feroverje Festival some days ago.

Mr. Faulkrunn did express concern over potential hazards in his home and around the outpost. This might be the incentive to write to the Consul of Public Affairs to add safety measures, if one is ever chosen...

Credits & Notes

Gib Andosk would like to thank Master Jeweler Grabhol Faulkrunn for his interview.


Issue 2

Fort Thidir - Keeping Us Safe

Fort Thidir is the creation of Marshal Khestor, after speaking to him, following the beginning of its internal construction, which Marshal Khestor has grandiose designs for The Marshal stated 'I am, still the dwarf I was when I became Governor, I am quite literally doing what was promised, establishing a fort,' Adding to this, he remarks his other public works, the Outpost walls. This fort seems to be another one of the Marshal's plans for public safety and security. A core belief of his.

Marshal Khestor - A Good Man

I spoke with Marshal Khestor in length, after my scathing remark of his quantity of power in the previous issue. He has a warm presence, and is indeed a very friendly man. In issue 1, I remarked on the dissolution of the Lower Chamber, which he replaced with 'Consuls'. His reasoning was simple, 'As both Ogrona and Ilzar and Sigmarr can tell you, they had no real responsibilities beforehand'. The Marshal goes on to speak about keeping those three in government, following the transition. 'At the time, there was public sentiment and support.' He then goes on to speak about the position of the Office of the Molir. '(...) held by the individual of highest ranking.' That highest ranking official is however, the Marshal, so he made the decision to hand the office to the Captain of the Molir. A welcome solution to that problem.

He ended with a simple 'I only wish to see this outpost prosper, my friend. That is, and always will be my goal.'

Marshal Khestor has alleviated all concerns I have about this government.

The Feroverje Festival

The Feroverje Festival was a festival run by the now-retired Consul of Outpost Affairs, Librarian Ogrona 4 days ago.

I spoke to her about the festival and her role in organising it.

'When it started, it was jus' Grabhol an' meself' Starting with just two people, festivalgoers slowly piled on, with the Marshal and Master Jeweller joining in.

Starting with the firing range, every one took turns shooting the targets with a bow and arrow. She remarks on Oldenkurn and Cyprian hitting their bulls-eyes and the Marshal hitting three.

Following a round or two of pints, the 'moved tae tha dancin'. She explains about the Marshal's hesitation to dance, but how he eventually joined in, the even closing with Grabhol winning the tournament.

Finally, there was Verbal Brawling.

Oldenkurn and Gramsik started the event strongly, 'Ye smell like a trol an' yer mum's ah Grol.' Eventually the brawls slowly descended into unrhyming insults. Ending with Oldenkurn and Grabhol in the final spar, with Grabhol claiming second victory.

They ended the night with more pints, music and watching the sun rise.

Banker Coins - A Monopoly on Money

I spoke to the head of the Bank and Smith's Guild, Bram. He is a quiet and dedicated man, who is hard-working and just as hard to find.

I spoke to Bram about the complete control he had over the Smith's Guild and the Banker's Guild. As well as the disparity for Ingot-to-BC conversion in the Smith's Guild and in the Bank.

'Well, ta 2 coin increase has been 'ere as long as I've been in ta outpost, 'an it's really just ta pay miners fer ore and pay ta guild workers.'

An extra price for being manual labourers, a fair reason. he also told me how he keeps the Bank's ingots separate from the Smith's ingots.

Bram has been working in the bank alone since Librarian Ogrona resigned from the bank, he has been toying with the idea of hiring a second worker, if you wish to join the bank, send a letter with your information to the bank's mailbox.

When I introduced the idea of making the bank a government organisation, he remarked that he never considered it.

There are pros and cons to turning the bank into a government organisation.

Firstly, it will ensure that one dwarf or one enterprise cannot dictate the price of ingots and the printing rate of bank coins/.

It will also increase the transparency of bank workings.

However, government bureaucracy could slow the bank's operations...

Oldenkurn - A Master Brewer

I had the honour to speak to Oldenkurn Trorsbane, the tavernkeep.

While showing me around his tavern, he remarked on finding a planned assassin in his residences. Causing him quite a shock.

Oldenkurn brews his alcohol in-house, with a large brewery floor with aging barrels made of high-quality lumber.

His next plans are to create a 'Dark Beer' and brew 'Vodka'.

Below that floor is an Apothecary Floor, as he is an apothecary by trade.

On the second floor, sits multiple rooms, some are empty.

They are free to rent, because he wishes to 'help the new people get started' in the Outpost.


If you wish to pay for an advertisement slot, please speak to Gib Andosk, or post a mail to his farm.

If you wish to have early-access to new issues, delivered straight to your door hours before they come out, speak to Gib Andosk in person.

For story submissions, speak to Gib Andosk or send a mail to his farmhouse.

Thanks to Librarian Ogrona, Governor Marshal Khestor, Guildmaster Bram, and Tavernkeep Oldenkurn for their interviews.

Issue 3

A New Consul - Old News?

On the 4th of this month, I stepped up to become the incumbent for the Consulate Office for Outpost and Public Affairs. This significantly increased my workload and as such, made me push the schedule of the newspaper, to only one issue a week. As I said in my announcement, I am planning to continue public works, presently Fort Thidir, but I have expansive plans for the continuation of our Outpost as we progress to level 3 and onwards...

As I mentioned earlier, my works as Consul has increased my workload and delayed the release of this issue.

For this, I apologise. I have made changes to created consistency.

Gib's Bulletin will continue as normal, without government pre-clearance or bias. See the first two articles in this section, a critique on myself, and a critique on an initiative set out by my superior, the Governor.

These critiques and opinion pieces will continue, yet. If you wish to begin your own newspaper, go ahead. No-one will stop you.

Taxation - Good or Bad?

Governor Khestor has created an initiative similar to that of the Tribute system.

However, unlike the Tribute, these donations will not be sent to Bormar, but instead remain inside our outpost, to be used for public works, funding of festivals, welfare programs and other initiatives.

This is also a preparative step in the new currency system, a co-operative plan between Ilzar Goldspit and Governor Khestor.

Donations to the Taxation system (which Governor Khestor calls 'Public Funding') is optional. Funding requests are posted in Zietal Mar announcements, either as buy-back schemes, or for resources. Donations which are not included in the request is also happily accepted.

If you wish to submit to the taxation system, you will find the chest opposite the hall where the Tribute is submitted.

Umbral Hand - A Waterfall of Secrets

I spoke with Grabhol Faulkrunn, who I interviewed in Issue one. This time, it was for other reasons.

This interview was discussing a new guild. The guild he was democratically elected as the Public Relations officer.

He took me inside their hidden guildhall, hidden behind a secret rock floor and an ID card lock is their lobby.

Grabhol makes the claim that this guild currently has the most members of any guild.

With 5 total.

The guild possesses a brewery room, with weapons, offices, a meeting room, shared and private storage as well as a notice board.

This board possesses any information about the guild as well as the main system of operations, guild members can place up quests which other can complete, normally with payment.

Members are increased by the present members voting to approve or deny a join request. The guild has simple aims. 'To help new ones find their way'.

Credits & Info

If you wish to purchase an advertisement slot, early access to paper or delivery, please mail or speak to Gib.

If you wish to submit a story, or issue a correction, please speak to Gib.

I would like to thank Grabhol Faulkrunn for spending their time on interviews.


Issue 4 (Unpublished)

Grabholl Faulkrunn - A Eulogy

Yesterday, the body of the late Grabhol Faulkrunn was found in a tent in the Grol lands. His exact cause of death is unknown, but it is suspected that he was overwhelmed when trying to reach the Grol slaying target.

On his body, one of his personal diaries was found. In this, and the subsequent diaries found in his personal home lead to a full scale Molir investigation on murder, co-conspiracy and plots at revolution, of which he is at the head of.

Amantia - The Fungus is No More

On the 20th of this month, the fungal infection progressed significantly further than ever before. The Jerl Bull cows infected with mycelial spores broke down our defenses and began launching spores throughout the outpost, once we quelled their assault, we progressed further and found a large mushroom which spawned new antagonists, Fungal spore trolls. Once this was taken down and deconstructed, a spore trail lead to a MASSIVE fungus. Called the ‘Amanita Colossi’ this had nodes which shot out spores which lifted you to the air, as well as large quantities of Jerl Bull and Fungus Trolls.

The Amantia Colossi is too difficult to deconstruct, its dark corpse lies outside the Oak Forest.

Khestor - A Criminal?

Following the careful dissection of [unfinished]

Secret Plots - A Revolution


FOIA - Government Transparency



Each release of Gib's Bulletin was well received, with payments for personal delivery, early access, and purchases of copies earning Gib a small profit. At the announcement of each release, Dwarves lined up waiting for Gib to deposit the new issue in the chest beside the Announcement Stand, before feverishly devouring its content.

With Gib's ascendency as Zietal Mar's Consul of Outpost and Public Affairs shortly before the release of the Bulletin's third issue, many questioned his potential biases. This issue was further complicated by the increasing time period between the publications.

Facing the presures of his rising workload, Gib ceased all further publications of Gib's Bulletin after the third issue, despite an issue being in the developmental stages. The fourth issue was never completed or published. From that point forward, Dwarves would regularly ask Gib to release another issue, and he would deliver his infamous line: "I will make one tomorrow!"