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Gib's Bulletin chest, located beside the Announcement Stand

Gib's Bulletin was a short-lived newspaper authored and ran by Gib Andosk.

Issue One[edit | edit source]

Gib's first issue started with teething problems, improper formatting lead to the first attempt at printing this issue being a failure, and following poor attempts at resolving the faults, the issue remained bland.

The Khestor Controversy[edit | edit source]

The Front Page of the First Issue

The Bulletin's first issue sparked controversy with the first article titled "MARSHAL KHESTOR POWERFUL OR POWER HUNGRY?" this introductory opinion piece cemented Gib's Bulletin as the center of controversy, drama, criticism and the new newspaper, replacing The Public Servant. This article served to cast doubt on the amount of power Marshal Khestor had, "Marshal Khestor is the Marshal of the Molir, the military and police of Zietal Mar. This means the Marshal has complete control of the military, police and the government." The article continues with claims that the 3 Consulate Offices were being puppeted by Khestor himself, with the "Office of Public Affairs remains[sic] empty", The Molir's Office being controlled by Khestor's "direct subordinate" and Ilzar Goldspit's inactivity and complacency being easily won over by Khestor. The article ends with a statement that Governor Khestor will be interviewed in the second issue, making the 'Khestor Article Series'.

Grabhol's Interview[edit | edit source]

Grabhol Faulkrunn held a strong position in the outpost at the time Gib began his bulletin. Gib's interview into Grabhol's life was short and served as free advertisement for Grabhol's shop, the Diamond Band. The article then explains that Grabhol is "a humble man who simply wants to perfect his craft and become the richest man in Zietal Mar."

Issue Two[edit | edit source]

Issue Two is the penultimate issue of the Bulletin, written a significant time after Issue One. This bulletin was the longest issue, sitting at 26 pages, with 6 different sections. Issue 2 also began to introduce the signature style of Gib's Bulletin, and proved his ability as a Wordsmith and Journalist.

Fort Thidir - Keeping Us Safe[edit | edit source]

The Front Page of the Second Issue (Not Pictured: Banker Coin, Oldenkurn, and Credits article titles.)

Fort Thidir's article was a simple explanation piece, being written the day of the mass-dig. The article is short and explains the Fort is a further security measure of Marshal Khestor, "This fort seems to be another one of the Marshal's plans for public safety and security. A core belief of his."

Marshal Khestor - A Good Man[edit | edit source]

A continuation of the 'Khestor Article Series', the interview with Khestor cemented him as a 'good person' in Gib's eyes, which was clearly reflected in his Bulletin. Khestor's remark on the Lower Chamber comment was short, "As both Ogrona and Ilzar and Sigmarr can tell you, they had no real responsibilities beforehand." Khestor also explained the reasoning as to Gramsik Lerch being the Consul for The Molir's Office, the office is supposed to be held by "the individual of highest ranking" in the Molir, and since Khestor was this and the Governor, his decision to install Gramsik was the most obvious one.

The article ends with Khestor's crowd-pleasing reassurance, "I only wish to see this outpost prosper, my friend.That is, and and[sic] always will be, my goal." Gib's final remark states he "has aleviated[sic] all his concerns I have about this government."

The Feroverje Festival[edit | edit source]

The Festival which ended several days prior to this publication was covered in detail, with events being remarked on and the fun explained through Ogrona's interview, as well as the humanisation of the Governor.

Banker Coins - A Monopoly on Money[edit | edit source]

Gib's critique to people and positions of power continued to challenge the status quo by calling Guildmaster of the Smiths' Guild and Bank single control on the minting, and exchange rate of Zietal Mar's currency, the Banker Coin authoritative and concerning. Bram Tuthill's response to Gib's suggestion of nationalising the Bank was deflective, Gib went on to explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of said plan, closing the article.

Oldenkurn, a Master Brewer[edit | edit source]

Gib continued the interview series by interviewing Tavernkeep of the Prideful Boar and well renown Apothecary, Oldenkurn Trorsbane. The article explains how the Tavern works and Oldenkurn's available spaces, which were free to new Dwarves.

Commercialisation[edit | edit source]

Gib attempted to turn a profit from his work on the Bulletin by offering advertisement slots as well as early-access and private delivery, and story submissions. This section also held his credits and thanks to those he interviewed.

Issue Three[edit | edit source]

The Front Page of the Final Issue

Gib's final issue was released a few weeks into his work as Consul of Outpost and Public Affairs, throwing his potential biases into question. The three-article issue, struggling with material and content contained little articles of importance, with the Umbral Hand's initial announcement being included within.

A New Consul - Old News?[edit | edit source]

Gib explained his role as a Consul, as well as an apology for the long gap between issues, changing the schedule to 1-per-week. This article serves mostly as pro-government propaganda, yet claims that the Bulletin will "continue as normal, without government pre-clearance or bias." Gib attempted to justify this by using this article and the next as proof of government scrutiny continuing, he also invites other Dwarves to begin their own newspapers if they desire.

Taxation - Good or Bad?[edit | edit source]

This article covered the new system of 'Public Contributions', a thinly-veiled opt-in tax initiative by Khestor, this pro-taxation article continued the pro-government propaganda and served to announce the new (and never released) currency system developed by the Government.

Umbral Hand - A Waterfall of Secrets[edit | edit source]

Grabhol Faulkrunn, Public Relations Officer of the Umbral Hand invited Gib to tour the secretive Umbral Hand guild, as an attempt to announce its existence to gain members. The article is short, but details what is inside, and how to join.

Credits & Info[edit | edit source]

Gib's continued attempt at commercialisation was also present at the end of this issue, closing it out.

The Accidental Conclusion[edit | edit source]

With Gib's workload rising, and his subtle attempts at subsuming more power and authority in the Outpost, Gib ceased all further issues of Gib's Bulletin, always saying "I will make one tomorrow!"

Reception[edit | edit source]

Gib's Bulletin releases were well received, with payments for personal delivery, early access, and purchases of copies earning Gib a small profit.

At the announcement of each release, Dwarves lined up awaiting for Gib to deposit the new issue in the chest beside the Announcement Stand, before feverishly grabbing and devouring its content.

Following the cessation of the Bulletin, Dwarves would regularly ask Gib to release another issue, where he would deliver his infamous line.

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