Talen Andosk

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Talen Andosk Shortly before his Arrival at the outpost.

Talen Andosk was a skilled Dwarf-At-Arms, he would later join his brother Gib in search for the mythical All-Gem.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Born in the city of Gemfeld in Northern Bormar, son of Amig and Manda Andosk. His father nearly became a member of the First House, and was the Founder the LordForge Foundry in Gemfeld. Talen had three brothers. Gib, Arkypter, and Kanu. When a runaway foundry fire set the town alight, Amig, Manda, and over a hundred other Dwarves died. Following the fire, Arkypter, and Kanu immediately left, and Talen and Gib were left to execute Amig and Manda's wills.

Talen then spent many years as a hired blade but made very modest earnings despite his longing for glory and riches. He made up for his poor luck with his excellent combat prowess and eventually caught the attention of the infamous mercenary group The Kindred. They robbed those who had more than they would care to miss and felt no remorse for their victims, whom they saw as greedy, selfish and loathsome. During his time with these mercenaries, Talen fell in love with the daughter of a farmer in the southern countryside of Bormar, though Talen's nomadic lifestyle meant their relationship was short-lived.

Thirteen years into his mercenary career, a plan was formed to rob a wagon that Talen was told belonged to a local landowner. While he kept lookout the band mercilessly slaughtered all who were travelling with the wagon. Running to the screams, Talen found his companions robbing and killing a poor family of refugees.

Talen, stayed with the mercenaries to hold their trust only until they neared a larger settlement before slipping away. He informed the local molir of his band's whereabouts and, in exchange for leniency, would assist in guiding them into an ambush. The Kindred were all but wiped out by the molir forces and those that survived were to be executed. Talen, who was given the leniency promised, sought to start a new life in an Outpost far to the West.

Life in Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Shortly after his arrival at the Outpost known as Zietal Mar, Talen reunited with his eldest Brother Gib, who welcomed his brother cheerfully and offered him a home. He quickly established himself and even became known by several folks as a skilled musician.

Mere weeks after his arrival Talen sought council with whom he believed to be a respectable Dwarf among the settlement, Grabhol Faulkrunn, hoping to find work. He opened up about his past, believing honesty to be best in the situation. Faulkrunn then had the molir arrest Talen for his former actions as a mercenary, accusing him of murder and thievery. Fortunately, Talen was able to plead his case and was found to be innocent of such crimes. Though he was now more wary of who to trust in the outpost.

After being cleared of the charges brought against him he sought out Captain Gramsik Lerch in order to prove his worth, and volunteered to join the molir. He was fast-tracked to the position of a soldier, being a capable combatant. Over his time in Zietal Mar he would take part in several missions protecting the outpost and its inhabitants.

During the mushroom plague that infested the outpost of Zietal Mar, Gib and Talen traversed a nearby swamp, seeking clues after following a trail of mycelium. Whilst his elder brother deciphered the texts they discovered Talen fought off ever encroaching enemies and wildlife, giving his brother the time needed to resolve the Outpost's mushroomy problems.

He was then involved in the discovery and consequential destruction of the Amanita Colossi whose spores were infecting creatures and attacking the Outpost. Talen fought alongside the rest of the Outpost in destroying the fungal creature.

Death[edit | edit source]

The Grol Attack[edit | edit source]

During what would come to be known as the final days of Zietal Mar, Talen was instrumental in its defence against the Grol. When the other Dwarves of the Outpost retreated to Fort Thidir as they became steadily outnumbered, Talen found himself stranded outside the walls.

Against all odds Talen Fought his way up to the keep in an attempt to free his comrades from the Grol hammering away at the gate, famously slaying three Lava Trolls as he did so. With Talen's aid the other Dwarves pushed back the invaders and reclaimed the Fort's entryway.

The Duel[edit | edit source]

After retaking the keep's entry a Grol commander appeared. Talen, weary from battle, armour all but destroyed, stood ready to face the beast-man alongside fellow soldier Alekan Indrothath. They fought hard, the Dwarves managing to get the upper hand on several occasions. The fight took them through the keeps outer walkways and outside onto the roof. Talen, daring or foolish, leapt from an overlooking window to the front courtyard below seeking the Grol commanders's head. Spotting him on the roof, Talen hastily made his way up to his enemy. There Talen and the commander dueled fiercely, until finally after a misstep and a well-timed strike from the Grol, Talen fell backward from the roof and falling to the courtyard below, meeting his demise.

Following his fall Talen was quickly avenged when Alekan slew the Grol commander. Talen was buried, as all lost Dwarves of Zietal Mar were, in the Outpost's deeptunnel.