The Life of a Governor

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The Life of a Governor
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AuthorKhestor Thidirlun

The personal diary of Khestor Thidirlun, Governor of Zietal Mar. These recollections begin after he was elected leader of the Outpost by his fellow Dwarves, and ending with his pondering the predicament of the All-Gem.

Entry 1[edit | edit source]

And so it begins, my reign over Zietal Mar. Temporarily for now, I think. I would quite like to continue life as a Marshal, be a check on Overseer’s power and run the Military. It is my passion, after all, and being a soldier is what I know for a large part of my life.

My first aims will be to restructure the entire leadership of this Outpost, for it has already failed us. Sigmarr agrees and tells me the Ruling Gods were unhappy at Kadol’s far to soon departure. I will establish a new system which favours strong rulers, strength and prosperity. Coupled with this, I will continue to build up the defences of this Outpost among other things.

Entry 2[edit | edit source]

It has been a few days, I have written up some drafts and will invite Ilzar, Ogrona, Gramsik and Sigmarr into my Office to appoint them as Consuls. The lower chamber will be abolished. This gives leaders more power, as Governor - renamed from Overseer - I personally appoint the Consuls. Zietal Mar will be run my way, for Bormar - for success. I truly believe this Outpost can become a jewel of Bormar’s overseas territories. I just need to set it up for this almighty task.

In other news, the walls are about ¾ completed. I carried out most of the work. The Deeptunnel is also progressing thanks to Grabhol, Batner and other helpers digging it out.

Entry 3[edit | edit source]

In the last week or so I have officially appointed Ilzar, Ogrona and Gramsik as Consuls for the Economy, Public Affairs and Molir respectively. Sigmarr did not take up the offer of Religious Consul, stating his belief in the faith was waning. I hope they will be able to help me steer this outpost into a secure future.

Something more noteworthy has occurred however. It seems a Bormar Ship, top-of-the-line, was sent here by Lord Voman. I think I saw it a couple of days ago, but it has since sailed into the river flowing by the Savannah. As we approached, it was evident that the ship had been Overrun by Grol. I managed to lead the effort in clearing the ship and discovering a vault aboard the ship, after taking it out of some sort of secure mode. Within it there were some books written by the Captain - which Ogrona took - an Adamantine helmet in the shape of a Mar Goat which I will take as Governor, as well as a research book and severed thumb which I have taken to study alongside the other work I know of relating to the All-Gem. I have decided, I think, to take on the role of Governor more permanently. After seeing how much they needed my leadership, I think it would be for the best in the foreseeable future.

The walls and deeptunnel have been completed, I’ve buried any deceased sailors of the ship with our Dwarven kin.

Entry 4[edit | edit source]

I have made a bit of progress with my Ruined Journals and Tattered Pages. It seems there were previous settlers here whom also searched for the All-Gem, sent by Voman. Although, later on I think Lord Voman ambushed them for it perhaps? Slightly concerning, nonetheless.

In other news I have pushed on with working on the Fort, which I shall name Fort Thidir - after myself - so that there’s something to remember me by when I’m gone. I’ve appointed Sigmarr as head architect for the moment, and gathered a group of dwarves to help dig some of the hallways.

Entry 5[edit | edit source]

Someone has broken into Ogrona’s Library, and she has thus stepped down - fearing she may be targeted for being in government. I shall seek out a new Consul of P.A.

In other news, I have deciphered more of the journals. I think I can make out what happened - Voman has sent an expedition here before, they found the All-Gem eventually which was guarded by some “Children of the Mountains”, and were about to bring it back to Voman until they uncovered his “True Intentions” - something Ogrona also told me about, she believes Voman has sinister motives. Once second-guessing handing over the All-Gem, Voman sent armies to kill the dwarves of Youand, and take the All-Gem. It is even believed he worked with the Grol and gave them weapons and insider knowledge to do so. A fort in the Grol lands I now know was named Bastion used to be a dwarven stronghold, until that, too, fell to Voman, his armies, and the Grol. Whatever this All-Gem is, and wherever Eilen was able to hide it again, it is of significant value evidently. Whether this is all true is a different matter, but I shall have to tread carefully with Voman whatever the case.

Entry 6[edit | edit source]

These weird mushroom Bulls had ambushed the Outpost yesterday… They seem to have stemmed from fungal matter out in the forests, and we fought this huge living tree-like fungus towards the end, the spores were infectious but luckily no one has died from them I think. It was quite an event.

Construction on defence projects and otherwise continues at a good pace, and the Outpost is beginning to come together. Currency and Taxation are issues my government continues to work on, I am introducing the first round of Public Contributions tomorrow. Gib Andosk has been appointed as my new Consul, he seems very eager to begin public service, and even writes an independent newspaper I enjoy reading.

Entry 7[edit | edit source]

Grabhol and his Umbral Hand guild become more and more suspicious day by day. Originally thought to be a simple jeweller, he has continued to amass resources and wealth, tucking them away, as well as recruiting new arrivals for his locked-away and hidden Guild. Their red emblem also resembles grol insignia to me. Captain Gramsik and members of the Molir seem uneasy too. I took an investigation around the guild briefly, some recruitment books mention detaching themselves from government too. Worrying, slightly.

Entry 8[edit | edit source]

In the past week there have been multiple standoffs between Grabhol, His Guild, and law enforcement. Since then, however he was slaughtered by Grol in the red hills. Gramsik, along with Gib, went through his Guildhall to find evil lairs, throne rooms, and much more. It seems we were right, he was a madman and intent on bringing anarchy to this Outpost of mine. I shall not have this stand - although it almost occurred.

Gramsik and Ogrona came marching into my office just after his death, citing some diary of Grabhol’s where it said I was tangled in his web of anarchist plots. Apparently I had organised the death of a criminal dwarf, as well as trying to steal books from Ogrona and other such nonsense. Without questioning other avenues of thought, motives or alibi, Gramsik and Ogrona requested that I stepped down immediately - the guts they have! Ogrona stepped down, and apologised after having come to her senses, and I’ve let Gramsik go as Captain and shall look for a replacement shortly. I cannot have someone as useless as him next time. Investigations must be thorough, and not jump on the first bit of evidence. Let alone should a captain have anger issues. Currently Kogan seems like a possible candidate.

Entry 9[edit | edit source]

In response to the Umbral Hand, my Consul for Public Affairs, Gib Andosk, has introduced the “Official Guilds act” which encourages guilds to work with the government and other citizens so that we can get projects completed and the state can help promote the allocation of resources.

He also also introduced freedom of information requests, citing it would help public relations. Whilst I’m not a fan of it directly, Gib certainly knows what he’s doing. I’m glad to have him working with me.

Gib has also been told of what I know, in brief, about Lord Voman and the All-Gem. I think he will search for it in his spare time. I have also handed the books over to Zeb for deeper analysis.

Entry 10[edit | edit source]

Some Dwarves of Zietal Mar and I snuck into a grol festival, they had captured Zeb. During it, we learnt a bit about the Grol, their language and ancestry - as well as the fact they are too seeking the All-Gem. Unfortunately, Oldenkurn had his mask fall off and blew our cover. Some darn fools slaughtered the Grol Children too. Skorj, one of the leaders, was incredibly angry the day or so after when he approached our Outpost and sent warriors to fight us.

In the meantime, Zeb has discussed with us what he found. Gib and I will continue to look for the All-Gem. And our fears about Voman are true. He cannot be completely trusted, and we must prepare for an eventual invasion should we find the All-Gem. I doubt he’ll risk losing it again.

Fort Thidir has undergone significant progress, I’ve worked hard on it, and the main staircase chamber is complete, as well as some hallways having been dug out.

Entry 11[edit | edit source]


Gib has discovered the chamber of the All-Gem as my journals depict. I joined him to verify it was true. What a dwarf, I’m glad my work could guide him and he has done so under my tenure of Governor of this outpost. Good times lie ahead… Should we be able to navigate the dangers of beholding such a Gem. We must first find the keys for the chamber, and discover what’s inside, though.

Gib, Zeb, Ogrona and I discussed what we should do with it. Zeb is of the mind to destroy it, Ogrona to sail away with it - Gib seems to agree. I’m not sure. All Bormar deserves to benefit from the Gem, not one Lord, certainly not one who kills dwarves of his own nation, and works with Grol to achieve this. I disagree with Ogrona, I don’t think we should sail off with the Gem ourselves to establish a new life. Perhaps we should destroy it if it brings us, and everyone associated with it, so much grief. After all, hundreds have likely died already due to it. Both in Youand, and perhaps even beforehand. Who knows. It could be thousands more. Is that something I can risk? Zeb may be right.

I have difficult decisions ahead.

Entry 12[edit | edit source]

After a number of ambushes in recent days, during one of them Gib and I followed Grol out into the spruce forest - eventually being followed by other dwarves - and managed to defeat Skorj and find out that the Grol still consider Voman a friend… This confirms some of our worries, and I have warned the citizens of Zietal Mar of what we believe may be true, as well as enter a State of Outpost Defence I which we believe an invasion may be imminent. Preparations for such are being ramped up. For some reason they let Skorj run free instead of take him as prisoner… I’d have tried to get more information out of him, but Ogrona and more importantly Gib believed we could build relations with him.

Due to the news about Lord Voman, I have had to tell the outpost about the All-Gem. Though it seems the Grol have blocked off the cave entrance to it. We’ll have to fight our way in.

I’ve appointed Gib officially as Chief Seeker (or well, now, obtainer) of the Gem, with his purpose to bring it to me as we decide what to do with it.

Ogrona has been appointed as Grol Speaker too, to decipher their languages and build a diplomatic relation with them so we can understand more the situation we find ourselves in regarding Grol and Voman.

Entry 13[edit | edit source]

Skorj has been killed. Apparently he went on a wild rampage. If only they had listened to their Governor and Marshal.

Preparations are going well. I’ve begun a palisade with some new arrivals. Molir numbers are strong… I’ve yet to establish a new captain, I will do so this week.

Defences in the new borders have been put up, dwarves are working together now, in a war-time spirit.

I’ve dedicated some time to Fort Thidir, our stronghold, and completed the front metal gate. This should keep any intruder out for some good time. Gib will begin work on the bunker soon.

We will be ready for whatever the Grol and Voman throw at us. Obtaining the All-Gem has taken a bit of a back seat for now as we prepare for all eventualities.

Entry 14[edit | edit source]

We’ve been ambushed by Grol, reportedly one of their final pushes. Led by Skorj al’ Peroln or something. They had by their side magma trolls, strong bejji and the like. Eventually we had to head to the Fort but my gates kept them back and ultimately we were able to slay every last one of those filthy animals. A few dwarves have been lost, Gib’s brother more specifically. He seems in utter shock, and mental state declining, I sure hope he doesn’t pull anything risky.

Entry 15[edit | edit source]

The All-Gem is real.

We have it.

An impromptu amush against the Grol blockade called by Gib - something out of his remit, even as seeker, he should have asked the Governor for permission first - led to us being able to return to the Chamber and solve the three-key puzzle before the walls began to crack and open before our eyes. The All-Gem is beautiful, light refracts off it so gracefully, and the dwarves of Zietal Mar had found it. It is being stored in the newly built bank vault, until I’ve decided what we’re going to do with it.

Entry 16[edit | edit source]

I’ve asked the Outpost to give me their opinion on the matter of the Gem, to give me some insight as to what may be right to do, though if it does not align with my own opinion it will be ever so harsh a decision to have to come to. Voman, too, has sent two letters. One in which he asks about the All-Gem, whether it exists or not, if the stories are true. I have answered his prayers and enlightened him to its existence, and that we know of its location. Though I have not shared the fact that we now possess it, I did ask what the reward may be for the hard working dwarves who return the Gem to Voman. I planned, initially, to stall what we believed to be his imminent military arrival. Upon return of a second letter however, addressed directly to me, he told the Outpost that each and every dwarf past and present whom had worked and lived in Zietal Mar will be handed riches to last them centuries. In addition, Lord Voman proclaimed that he himself does not wish to have the All-Gem, infact, that it should go directly to Bormar…